The Smokies Nail Show thrives thanks to the great word-of-mouth referrals from nail techs, Educators & Company Owners!

CJ Murray (Centre for Beauty Salon Supply) 2022 said: “Wish I had more pictures but we were just too busy. 95% of our brands sold out. Jill Wright you knocked it out of the park again”.

Traci Dungan (Profiles co-owner) 2018 said - “One of THE most organized & easy shows to do! We doubled our sales from last year! Also, the area brings in a great crowd...the techs that come to this show are an absolute pleasure, they want to learn! Great organizer, great crowd, we won’t ever miss this show!”

"Our sales were higher at the Smokies 1 day show than 2 days at the Orlando show, but with much less expense!"  - 2021 Exhibiting company (name withheld by request)


"Our sales were $2,000 higher than last year even with fewer nail techs attending thanks to the lockdowns!" - 2020 Exhibitor (name withheld by request)


"We had higher sales in 1 day at the Smokies than we did for both days at the Vegas show!"  - 2018 Exhibiting company (name withheld by request)


"Can't wait till next year, best nail show...hands down!!" - Nettie Davies, the Pottle inventor & owner (2022)

"We're thrilled! Our sales were higher in 1 day here at the Smokies than in all days at the Orlando show, the Vegas show & ABS!" - 2018 Exhibiting company (name withheld by request)