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Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

This is a 1 Day Nails-Only Show Ticket sales start Jan. 1st - June 30th. At the door it's $75 cash only. ALL ATTENDING MUST SHOW PRO BEAUTY LICENSE & PHOTO ID TO ENTER (see FAQS below). Masks optional - social distancing encouraged.

This show is for licensed beauty pros, salon/spa owners, current beauty school students & their Instructors. It is not open to the general public. At the door all attendees must show professional beauty license, salon /spa business license, student ID or school documentation along with a photo ID. Spouses names must be on the salon/spa business license to attend since space around the booths for shopping & demos is needed for the nail techs. Thank you for understanding this is a professionals only show.

2022 Show weekend schedule:

Fri. July 8th: Extended Workshops
Sat. July 9th: Workshops & Early Check-in (see FAQ's)
Sunday, July 10th: THE 1 DAY NAIL SHOW
Mon. July 11th: Workshops
*Workshops cost extra & are not included with show ticket.
VIP Tickets: 9:00am - 5:00pm (EST)
All other ticket types: 10:00am - 5:00pm

*Have your pro beauty license & photo ID out & ready at the Registration window.

($7.72 Eventbrite processing fee)
Limited to 150 licensed pro's (not available for students). Includes exclusive Sponsors VIP Gift Bag & VIP wrist band for 1 hour earlier entrance at 9:00am EST!

($4.37 Eventbrite processing fee)

Limited to the first 50 techs who purchase general admission tickets at the 2011 price of only $45!
Show entrance at 10:00am.

($4.67 Eventbrite processing fee; when Feb. ends then March ticket prices begin)

Show entrance at 10:00am.

March - April General Admission $55

($4.98 Eventbrite processing fee; when April ends, then May ticket prices begin)

Show entrance at 10:00am.

($4.98 Eventbrite processing fee)

Show entrance at 10:00am.

Tickets end June 30th!

Pay-at-the-door = $75 cash only w/pro beauty license & photo ID.

($4.06 Eventbrite processing fee)

Tickets end June 30th!

Sorry, but no Group discount at the door.

Show entrance at 10:00am.

Must list each student & instructor's names + email on order form.

($4.67 Eventbrite processing fee)

Tickets end June 30th!

Sorry, but no student discount at the door.

Show entrance at 10:00am.

See FAQ's below for what documentation students must show to attend.

FAQ’s Just for YOU!

Q: Is my ticket transferrable?

YES! But not refundable EXCEPT for the VIP tickets (sorry, but none can be carried over to a future show). Contact us BEFORE JUNE 30th of that same show year at if you cannot use your VIP ticket & your money will be put back onto the card used to make your initial purchase (usually 7-10 business days). A confirmation Eventbrite email will be sent to your email on file.

We cannot make ticket name/info changes for you due to lack of time on our part. ALL CHANGES MUST BE MADE BY THE ORIGINAL PURCHASER VIA A LAPTOP OR PC as the Eventbrite system does not offer change options via cell phones or tablets.

Eventbrite has 4 simple step instructions to transfer your ticket into another licensed beauty pro's name, cell number, email address AND their pro beauty license + state.

CLICK HERE for the 4 step change instructions

To prohibit the fraudulent reselling of 1 ticket multiple times, the name on the ticket MUST match the name on the beauty license &/or photo ID shown at check-in.

If ordering more than 1 ticket:
each ticket MUST be listed in each tech's own name with their own corresponding pro beauty license number & state. Duplicate ticket names/licenses are subject to being canceled without notice.

Marriage/divorce name changes occur & will be taken into consideration if your photo ID matches your first name & your face. Sorry but licenses held in escrow are not up-to-date & cannot be admitted.

Paper beauty licenses of any size or photo of your license on your phone is acceptable as long as they are easily readable.

Q: What is the "EARLY CHECK-IN"?

A: Gain rapid entry to the show floor when the Gatlinburg Convention Center opens Sunday by getting your wrist band 1 day in advance (Eventbrite tickets OR cash ticket sales)!

When: Saturday prior to Sunday's show.

Time: NOON - 4:00pm ONLY

Where: Registration window inside the Mills Center (newer part of the GCC) facing Historic Nature Trail.

*FREE product samples or swag bags as they last!

​If you lose or forget to wear your wrist band to the show, a new one MUST be purchased for $75 CASH ONLY to gain entry.

*Sorry, NO exceptions due to the high probability of reselling "lost" tickets.

Q: Where are my tickets?

A: You can find all your Eventbrite tickets by logging into your Eventbrite account or CLICK HERE for further instructions.

Q: Can beauty school students attend?

A: YES! "Student" = already taking classes at a beauty school PRIOR to the show date. If you're enrolled AFTER the show date, sorry but you cannot attend this year & we welcome you to join us the following year once you are licensed.


All Students must show photo ID + student ID or documents with beauty school letterhead indicating they are a current or recently graduated student. No group or student discounts are given at the door ($75 CASH ONLY).

No documents = No entry even if you purchased a ticket.

*Sorry, but apprentices cannot be admitted.

Q: Can my spouse or family attend?

Unlicensed people may NOT enter the show floor because they take up valuable space needed around booths for the beauty pro's. This includes no strollers nor babies being carried. Sorry, but we do not know of any day care providers. 

Unlicensed spouses/significant others must have their name on the salon license issued from your State Board or have salon business cards printed (not hand written) in their name showing they are a salon manager. NO EXCEPTIONS!

All licenses & photo ID MUST be shown during check-in. Otherwise they are not permitted to enter regardless of having purchased a ticket & will be turned away at the door - no refunds will be given

​NO license = NO enter

Yeah, we know.....our significant others help pay our salon bills, too, but that still doesn't qualify them as "salon owners" & they will not be on the show floor taking up valuable space that nail techs need either.

Q: What is the "VIP Ticket Package"?

There are only 150 VIP Tickets for licensed beauty pro's (not available for students; must show pro license to receive) which include a VIP wrist band for 1 hour earlier entry at 9:00am & a big VIP Gift Bag of Sponsors products!

That means no standing outside in a long line waiting to get in when show doors open for all other ticket types at 10:00am (EST).

VIP Gift Bags & wrist bands may be picked up during the "Early Check-in" process on Saturday from Noon - 4:00pm, so you'll have 1 day to test your nail products & choose your favorites to purchase more at the show!

On Sunday at 9:00am (EST): show your VIP wristband (if you did Early Check-in) or VIP show ticket (printed or on your phone) to the guards at the door to enter.

If you missed the Early Check-In on Saturday, then you will need to check in at the Registration Window inside the GCC on the morning of the show. ​

*VIP Gift Bag & wrist band must be picked up by the ticket holder; must show photo ID & pro beauty license to receive.

**Sorry, but no one else may pick up nor do the check-in process for you; VIP Gift Bags cannot be mailed nor held over till next year if you cannot attend.

Q: If I volunteer or work in a booth, can I still win a Door Prize & get swag?

A: Sorry, but the answer is unfortunately NO. Anyone working or volunteering in a booth is not eligible for swag, VIP Gift Bag, nor Door Prizes (including the big Grand Prize). Either buy a show ticket & attend as a nail tech OR don't buy a ticket & work or volunteer in a booth.

We cannot give the impression that the Door Prize drawings are rigged in favor of Educators, which is why nobody working the show in any capacity is qualified to win Prizes or receive swag. Sponsoring companies trust us to make sure their product contributions go directly to the attending nail techs.

If a tech has their wristband number drawn for a Prize but has been working/volunteering in a booth, we cannot award them a Prize & we must draw another number. If we make an exception for 1, then we must make an exception for all.

If you've already purchased a show ticket, but wish to work or volunteer in a booth, please contact so we may cancel your ticket. The money you paid will be put back onto your card used to make that initial purchase within 7-10 business days.

Thank you for understanding!

Q: How am I entered for the Door Prize drawings?

On attendees wrist bands are numbers & a detachable tab with the same matching numbers. Upon check-in, the wrist band goes on your wrist & the detached tab goes into a bucket for the Door Prize drawings. Anyone working or volunteering in booths receives a different color wristband without detachable tabs since they are not eligible for Door Prizes nor swag.

Drawing times are 11:30am, 1:30pm & the Grand Prize is at 4:00pm.

Prizes are chosen randomly in advance by our Event Team & displayed at the Registration window. Listen for numbers called over the loudspeaker & come forward to have your wrist band numbers matched against the tab drawn. We realize you may be outside smoking, eating or in the restroom when numbers are called, so all unclaimed numbers are posted on a DRY ERASE BOARD at the REGISTRATION WINDOW for YOU to check BEFORE 4:00pm.

At 4:00pm ALL unclaimed prizes will be forfeited & we will draw new tabs for winners as time allows. Anything unclaimed after that will be put towards future Smokies Show promotional contests. We will continue to draw until someone WINS the Grand Prize sponsored by American International Industries & their TN distributor AML Beauty

*Winner is responsible for shipping prize if it cannot be taken with them. Door Prize winners are ineligible for the Grand Prize drawing; sorry, but we cannot hold prizes for you.

Q: Will Classes be held outside of the Gatlinburg Convention Center?


Only SANCTIONED Extended Workshops may be held offsite & those will be listed on our web site with directions, plus links to register.

The piggybacking of rogue offsite classes before/after our show weekend is taken very seriously. This sneaky & unethical behavior hurts ALL legitimate participating companies by causing them to lose money to "educators" trying to make a quick buck off our show attendees. 

Ultimately, Companies losing money in any capacity will not return again. No Companies = No show.

CLICK HERE for Friday's Sanctioned Extended Workshops

Q: Can I sign up for Monday Workshop Classes DURING the show?


These hands-on Workshops normally sell out months before the show date. Register with each Company NOW for the classes that will help advance your career the most. Companies need to know in advance how many kits & Certificates to ship.

These do not count for CEU's.

Q: Is there a dress code?

Please wear business-casual appropriate clothes to this professional function.
DO NOT dress in THOT club attire. There will be no straight men who want to hook up with you at this nail show. Dress professionally at this business function. 

Candid photos will appear in trade magazines, online publications & on social media.
Please make an effort to represent our nail industry with class & dignity.

"When in doubt, don't wear it out"!  

 Still unsure?
Here are some tasteful guidelines:

Capris & walking shorts are fine.
Mini skirts & Daisy Dukes are NOT.

Stomachs & rear "cleavage" are not to be bared.
Bras & underwear should be worn under your clothing.

Please don't embarrass yourself or others by looking like "The People of Walmart".

Q: How can I find updates or last minute changes fast?

A: Leading up to the show weekend in July, all updates & happenings will be posted on our Facebook business page "Nail Tech Event of the Smokies". Be sure to follow along daily so you won't miss out - CLICK HERE!