Nail Career Education and Nail Products

Tiffney Snowden (2017):

The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies means a lot to me! First off it's in the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains; second we have these wonderful companies who take the time out of their busy schedules to show us what's new in our industry & helps nail technicians troubleshoot nails if we are having any problems!

​Lanessa Hubbard (2017):

This was my 1st time coming to this nail show. What came to mind when I heard of the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies was "OMG! How fun a vacation mixed with Education!" I have always wanted to visit Gatlinburg, get a cabin & participate in all the fun activities. So I thought this was the most amazing thing ever. It is always awesome when you can turn a must attend event into a vacation at no extra cost. Spending time with family, learning & gaining more knowledge about a career your passionate about. What more can you ask for?


Angela Aslinger (2016) said: "This was my 1st year & I loved it. I will definitely be back again next year. Hopefully next year I may even win something! Thanks to all the sponsors & companies from coming out & giving their time & expertise to us all."

Nicole Brown (2016) said: "Awesome best show for nail techs! Highly recommend going!"

Bruce Atwood (Atwood Industries owner) said:   August 10th, 2015
 Each and every year that I've attended, the
show seems to be getting better with age (reminds me of myself). It's  the only show that we attend for both work & pleasure. And speaking of pleasure, there's no better person than  Jill Wright running a trade show!

 Jennifer Mize said:   August 2nd, 2015
 I had a BLAST at this event!
This was my highlight of the year! I will definitely attend every year from here out! I  really enjoyed meeting all the amazing Nail Techs & learning soooo much! 26 years of the nail industry under my  belt & I learned more in this weekend than I have in ten years!!! Definitely well worth every penny I spent.  Thanks so much for everyone that helped with this event, I can't wait to see what next year is like!

 Pamela Black said:   July 23rd, 2015
 This was my 1st year here-I'm an Educator with Famous Name's.
We sold out of product. 500 nail techs. Busiest  Nail Tech Event I've attended. Nail Companies-Send your Educators!

 Dr Robert Spalding (MediNail Learning Center owner) said:   July 22nd, 2015
 As always, the show is
expertly run by Jill Wright & the attendees are constantly looking for information to  improve their salon’s business of providing the best services & products for their clients. Great venue, very  personal & the classrooms are great. Gatlinburg is a great backdrop for a fun weekend. Be sure to come next  year!

 Denise Finger said:   July 21st, 2015
 My friend & I had a great time. Loved all the vendors & classes. Please give us more than 2 min.s to come off the  floor to pick up door prizes.
The floor was packed out & my friend almost didn't get there in time to win. I would  love to keep being informed on any education anyone has available.

 Jennifer Densmore said:   July 21st, 2015
 I had a blast! It was my first year there & I will be returning next year. So much fun being around fellow nail  techs & learning new products from the different companies!!! Loved it!

 Mary Blaylock said:   July 20th, 2015
I was at the first event as an educator, & this one as an attendee. I had such a great time. I ran into old friends,  met some Facebook friends, & made new friends. Being in a wheelchair & needing help, my chauffeur had a good  time. Looking forward to next year & renewing more friendships. It's all about education.

 Vickie Meador said:   July 19th, 2015
 The Nail tech Event of the Smokies has come & gone for this year. I have to say it was the best beauty event I  have ever been to! This was my first year going & I can not believe
how well put together it was. I was able to  carry on a conversation with the companies on the floor & hear what they were saying! There was no loud music  to contend with. There were so many education classes to chose from, I had trouble deciding which ones to take.  They offered paid classes & also free classes. This Event would benefit newly  licensed techs as well as seasoned techs. I am so proud to have a "Nails Only" event! I have already booked my stay for next years Event!

 Deanna said:   July 17th, 2015
 This is my second year attending this Event. For all the nail techs out there that can't decide if they should go or  not, I promise
you will not be disappointed with this show. Not only will you be able to meet all the educators  & vendors, you will also get the chance to meet Jill Wright!!! Jill is the one that started this Nails Only Event.  The classes are awesome. The educators try to have small class sizes so that you are able to have a one on one  feeling in the class. The Meet & Greet party has gotten big enough we will need a larger venue next year & it is  nice that your non nail friends can attend with you. So again if you have been thinking about going, just get  your ticket in January & go to this Event.

 Frances Pentland said:   July 16th, 2015
 There are not enough words to describe how much this weekend meant on so many levels! Thank you soooooo  much Jill Wright & her team for making this the best Nail Tech Event of the Smokies yet! To all the wonderful  techs that I got to see again & meet this year, thank you too!
I had the best weekend, got soooooo many new nail  goodies, laughed until I hurt, & have learned so much! On top of all that, I also made some incredible nail friends  that made this trip the best to date! Looooove to you all & I'm already looking forward to next year! 

​ Kathy Weltman (Soft Landings Towels owner) said:   July 16th, 2015
 This was our 3rd attendance to this event & 
by 12 p.m. we completely sold out. It was a dream come true because  it meant that the nail tech's believed in our products & service. I will keep coming to this event to bring softness  to your world. Thank you Jill Wright for producing a trade show that is superb.

 Betty Hernandez said:   June 4th, 2015
 I encourage all nail technicians to attend this Nails-Only show. It have nothing to do with any other show.
I feel  valued & important as a nail tech attending this show, because this is my profession. I'm a Beauty school owner,  Master Nail Technician & I really push this event to my nail technology program students because it's an event  that will change their life forever!!!

 Wendy Carlson said:   May 10th, 2015
 2014 was my first year that I attended this event. I've never been to an all nail event, we definitely need more like  this one! It was also my first time competing in a 3D acrylic competition, I took 2nd place!
Trophy was beautiful  & a cash prize to boot! This event is a MUST if you're a nail tech! Great companies & educators that are there just  for you! I've already signed up for this year & can't wait to see what is in store for 2015. I was also the winner of  the 2014 Grand Prize, $1400 worth of nail goodies! Jill Wright, you should be proud, this is a wonderful event!

 Nekita Abreu said:   February 7th, 2015
 2014 was the first year I attended &
it was fantastic. I was still attending nail school & it really opened my eyes to  a lot I'd different companies & techniques out there we never went over in school. I love this event because I met  some really amazing people & have great connections. Plus, it's close enough to travel & bring my kids to hang  out while in in the convention & classes. Thank you Jill for making this event possible.

 Josie Burris said:   February 6th, 2015
 I can't wait for the 2015 Nail Event, this event will be my 3rd one I have
learned so much by going to the event.  Jill is remarkable she puts a great even on. Last year I won a e-file from Kupa & Dazzle Dry nails kit of their  polish. Thank You again Jill for a great nail show!