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Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

​This is OUR world.......where nail techs are the stars!

The 2016 "3D Art" Theme was 'Sing'!

*This info is deemed reliable, but may change at any time.

 Amy Becker is a business owner, cover artist, retired USA Gel Champion, record holding Top 25 Competitor, 2011 & 2013 Nailpro Cup Champion, plus has received Nails Magazine's coveted "Nail Tech of the Year" award."  

 That makes Amy uniquely qualified to host The Event Competitions! Enter 

1 or both comps to win cash prizes & trophies, plus bragging rights, too! 

The 3D Nail Art is a 'Turn In' comp, meaning it's created ahead of time & then turned in on Event day. If you cannot attend The Event, simply mail your entry 

before the deadline to Competition Director Amy Becker.

(read comp rules via the links below).

Award ceremonies are at 4:00pm​ in the Lobby by the fireplace.


1) "
One Hand Salon Success" Competition

(must purchase show ticket; no unlicensed models on show floor)

​2) ​Turn-in "
3D Nail ArtCompetition - Theme is 'Fetish'!

(can mail entry in advance to Amy Becker)


Nail Competitions by Amy Becker!