Q) What is the "VIP Ticket Package"?

New for 2019 are these exclusive VIP tickets (only 100 total) that include a VIP wrist band, a big SWAG BAG of Sponsors nail products, plus 30 minute earlier entrance into the GCC!

That means no standing outside in a long line waiting to get in when show doors open for all other ticket types at 9:00am (EST).

VIP Swag Bags & wrist bands may be picked up on Saturday before the show during the "Early Check-in" process from Noon - 4:00pm (see above). This means you'll have all night to play with your nail products & choose your favorites to stock up on the next day!

At 8:30am show your VIP wristband (if you did Early Check-in) or VIP show ticket (printed or on your phone) to the guards at the door to enter. 

If you have not completed the Early Check-In process on Saturday, then you will need to  check in at the Registration Window inside on the morning of the show beginning at 8:30am (follow the signs). 

*VIP Bags & wrist band must be picked up by the ticket holder with photo ID & pro beauty license. Sorry, but no one else may pick these up for you. Bags cannot be mailed nor held over till next year if you cannot attend.  

Q.) Can I sign up for Monday Workshop Classes DURING the show?

These hands-on Workshops normally sell out before the show date. Sign up NOW for the ones that will help your career the most (companies must know in advance how many kits to ship). 

These do not count for CEU's.

Frequently Asked Questions

We try to provide all the info you will need to keep you informed & just CLICK on some of the images below for more detailed info.

​ Q.) What is the "EARLY CHECK-IN"?

Gain rapid entry to the show floor on Sunday when the Convention Center opens at 9:00am by getting your wrist band 1 day in advance! ​

(pre-purchased Eventbrite tickets OR cash ticket sales)

Early Check-in: 
The Saturday prior to Sunday's show 
NOON - 4:00pm 
*FREE product samples as they last

​If you lose or forget to wear your wrist band to the show, a new one MUST be purchased for $75 CASH ONLY to gain entry. 

*Sorry, no exceptions due to the high probability of fraud.  

​Q) Is there a dress code?

Please wear business-casual appropriate clothes. 
DO NOT dress in hootchie club attire. Dress for respect. 

Candid photos will appear in trade magazines & on the web.
Please make an effort to represent our nail industry with class & dignity.

Our motto:
"When in doubt, don't wear it out"!  

Still unsure?
Here are some tasteful guidelines:

       Capris & walking shorts are fine. 
           Mini skirts & Daisy Dukes are NOT.
       Stomachs & rear "cleavage" are not to be bared.
    Bras & underwear should be worn under your clothing.

      Please don't embarrass yourself or others by looking ignorant. 
Dress professionally at this business function.

​​Q) Can beauty school students attend?​

YES! "Student" = already taking classes at a beauty school PRIOR to the show date. If you're enrolled AFTER the show date, sorry but you cannot attend this year.


All Students must show photo IDstudent ID or documents with beauty school letterhead indicating they are a current or recently graduated student. No group or student discounts are given at the door ($75 CASH ONLY).

No documents = no entry even if you purchased a ticket. 
*apprentices cannot be admitted due to inability to verify them with the state.

Q.) How am I entered for the Door Prize drawings?

On attendees wrist bands are numbers & a detachable tag with the same matching numbers. Upon check-in, the wrist band goes on your wrist & the detached tag goes into a bucket which we draw from.

Drawing times are 11:30am, 1:30pm & the Grand Prize at 4:00pm.

Prizes are chosen randomly in advance by our Event Team & displayed at the Registration window. Listen for numbers called over the loudspeaker & come forward to have your wrist band numbers matched against the tag drawn. 

We realize techs may be outside smoking, eating or in the restroom when numbers are called. All unclaimed numbers drawn will be posted on a DRY ERASE BOARD for YOU to check at the REGISTRATION WINDOW before 4:00pm. 

Due to time constraints (and because it would be super annoying for everyone to hear) we cannot continually announce over the intercom number after number with a 3-5 minute wait time between each number called until someone FINALLY comes forward to claim a prize.

4:00pm ALL unclaimed prizes will be forfeited& put towards future Smokies Show promotional contests.

We will continue to draw until someone WINS the Grand Prize sponsored by American International Industries & AML Distribution. Winner is responsible for shipping prize if it cannot be taken with them.

*prize winners are ineligible for the Grand Prize drawing & we cannot hold prizes for you. ​

Q.) Will Classes be held outside of the Gatlinburg Convention Center? 


Only SANCTIONED Extended Workshops will be held offsite & those are listed on our web site with directions, plus links to register.

The piggybacking of offsite classes by anyone else before/after our show weekend is not taken lightly. This sneaky behavior hurts ALL legitimate participating companies, causing them to lose money by rogue "educators" poaching nail techs patronage away from Exhibitors classes.

Companies that do not make a profit will not return. No companies = no show.

CLICK HERE for Friday's Extended Workshops

Q) Is my ticket transferrable?

YES! But not refundable.
 We cannot make name changes for you due to lack of time on our part. Eventbrite has 4 simple step instructions on how to transfer your ticket into another licensed beauty pro's name AND email. 


To prohibit the fraudulent reselling of 1 ticket multiple times, the name on the ticket MUST match the name on the beauty license &/or photo ID shown at check-in.  Marriage/divorce name changes occur & will be taken into consideration if your photo ID matches your first name & your face. Sorry but licenses held in escrow are not up-to-date & cannot be admitted.

Paper beauty licenses of any size or photo of your license on your phone is acceptable as long as they are easily readable.

Nail Show, Education, Products & Nail Companies!

​​Can family & friends shop with me?

Unlicensed people can NOT enter the show floor because they take up valuable space needed around booths for the beauty pro's. This includes no strollers nor babies being carried, too. 

If your unlicensed spouse/significant other is an owner of the salon, he/she must have their name on the salon license issued from your state. All licenses & photo ID are to be shown during check-in. 

​no license = no enter

Yeah, we know.....our significant others help pay our salon bills, too, but that still doesn't qualify them as "salon owners" & they will not be in the GCC either.​