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Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

​This is OUR world.......where nail techs are the stars!

Q) Is there a dress code?

A) Please wear
business-casual, work appropriate clothes.

DO NOT dress in hootchie club attire - dress for success!

Candid photos will appear in trade magazines & on the web.

Please do not look ignorant.

Our motto: "When in doubt, don't wear it out"!  

Still unsure?

Here are some tasteful guidelines:

       Capris & walking shorts are fine. 
           Mini skirts & Daisy Dukes are not! 
       Cleavage should be covered - 
includes the rear cleavage, too! 
       Stomachs are not to be bared.
      Bras & underwear should be worn under your clothing.
        Clothing should fit your body, not be 2 sizes too small.  

We each have our own "problem areas" (be it fat rolls or cellulite).

We don't need to see yours.

Please don't embarrass yourself or others.

Dress professionally!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.) What is the "EARLY CHECK-IN"?

A) When purchasing tickets online, your contact info is recorded in the system when your credit card is charged. At the Registration Windows we check names off the guest list using the FREE Eventbrite app on our phones. Once you're checked off, your ticket is marked as redeemed.

1 day Early Check-in

Saturday, July 8th, 2017

NOON - 4:00pm   

*FREE samples will be given ONLY during Early check-in 

while supplies last in order to speed up show entry on Sunday.

Gain rapid entry to the show floor when the GCC doors open at 9:00am

by receiving your wrist band 1 day early!

STEP 1) Wear your wrist band to the show on Sunday.  

STEP 2) Show it to the guards for immediate entrance onto show floor.

If you lose or forget your wrist band, you MUST PURCHASE A NEW ONE for $75 cash only!​

We get it!

Nobody likes to read anymore.

So we made it easy for you....just click on the images below for the info that you need.

Q.) Will Classes be held outside of the Gatlinburg Convention Center? 

A.) NO! Workshops will only be held onsite, otherwise they are considered "piggybacking".

This sneaky behavior hurts ALL the legitimate companies because it pulls nail techs away 

from taking the sanctioned classes held onsite. This causes companies to lose money. 

Lost income causes nail companies NOT to return in the future, which will cause The Event

to shrink. ALL nail techs will suffer for it in the end, so please do not support offsite

piggybacking classes at any show or event.

We WILL notify ALL the sanctioned nail companies if

we hear of anyone holding offsite classes! 

Q.) Can I sign up for Monday Workshop Classes DURING the show?

A) MAYBE/MAYBE NOT - classes may be canceled due to low registration OR classes may sell out. C
ompanies need to know in advance how much class products to ship to the GCC.