Nail Show, Education, Products & Nail Companies!

Sending Educators too costly?

We've helped solved that problem by compiling a database of experienced freelance Educators within driving distance of Gatlinburg, TN!

The benefits you:

 *​Each Educator has prior show experience​.

*Each Educator is eager to work the Smokies show.

*Compensation is negotiable between you & the Educator.

*Choose which Educator based on experience or proximity to Gatlinburg. 

*Choose to do demo's only & distribute sales flyers or do product sales, too.

You'll save money by not paying airfare, plus you'll gain a great contact for future shows & events held elsewhere.

​The Smokies techs shop for the whole year!

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Cities within driving distance of Gatlinburg, TN!

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Did you know the Smokies is the ONLY annual nail show for beauty pro's on the entire East Coast?

"The Event" has over a decade of experience, thanks to our year-long promotional efforts & exceptional word of mouth referrals from nail techs, educators & company owners alike.

The resort town of Gatlinburg, TN is surrounded by the Great Smoky
​ Mountains National Park, which hosts over 11 million visitors a year This affordable resort destination is within a day's drive for over 50% of the population living East of the Mississippi!

​Why Join Us?

​Generate LEADS & SALES in one day!

Our attendees are beauty pro's, salon/spa owners, students & their instructors who DRIVE from these 22 surrounding states

KY, NC, SC, VA, WVA, OH, IN, AR, AL, MS, GA, LA, FL, IL, IA, MI, PA, NY, MO, OK, WI & all of TN. 

Over 95% of our attendees DO NOT FLY, so the airport being a 1 hour drive away is not a deterrent.

Not buying plane tickets affords techs more money to purchase products, plus the trunk space to haul it home.

Nail techs lining up outside!

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Join us now for nail technician education!

This is your 1x a year opportunity to reserve a booth & introduce YOUR business to 550+ nail techs, salon/spa owners, beauty school students & their instructors, PLUS gain year long visibility on our social media & web site, too.