​​​​​Workshop Requirements (non-negotiable):
Saturday, July 11th & Monday, July 13th, 2020

*Electricity & Furniture included​

Contact for Classroom set up:  Amber Bates amberb@gatlinburgtn.gov / ‭(865) 436-0523‬

Available only to current Exhibitors. Workshops should be listed on your company’s web site to reach the widest audience possible. We must all promote it together in order to succeed.

Must pertain to nails; does not have to be product specific.

 Attendees pay you (or your company) directly & you determine the fee.

Start times:
 Classroom access begins no earlier than 8:00am as contracted.

Inspect your classroom carpet & take photos of any stains or tears. Message us immediately!
We must notify the GCC 
before your class starts to avoid you/your company from being held liable for the prior damage.

End times: 
Everyone exits the GCC by 5:00pm per our contract,
NO exceptions. Pack during class with this end time in mind. Tape boxes shut, affix preprinted shipping labels & leave boxes in classrooms to be transported to the loading docks.

*abuse of this end time WILL result in a $250 advance deposit for any future classroom reservations. This deposit will be invoiced to you/your company & will only be refunded if the Educator vacates the classroom before 5:00pm (EST), otherwise it is forfeited without recourse. 

Are strongly encouraged, but absolutely
NO elaborate booth set ups in Classrooms due to the time it requires to deconstruct it.

 Class duration:
Hold 2 shorter classes (9am - Noon/1:00 - 4:45pm) OR 1 longer class (9am - 4:45pm).

 Lunch break:
 Noon - 1:00pm 
(prevents classes from overlapping)
*concession stand open only on show day; no outside food permitted in the GCC. 

Across the street is Subway, Bones BBQ Joint & the Bear Land Market. Under the Space Needle is Pizza by the Slice. Anywhere else may take too long.

 Class size:
Determined by room size & table configuration (average 25 classroom style).

You determine if techs need to bring supplies or not & if a certificate is awarded. Remember to bring extension cords labeled with your name. 

Audio/Visual Equipment:

Contact Kevin McGuire with Downstream Productions in Gatlinburg for A/V rentals.

Each Classroom will be set up "classroom style" for max occupancy according to the GCC's method of arrangement. Once carpet protectant tape & furniture have been put into place, neither can be moved, removed or altered in any way. 

*Failure to abide by these rules prohibits you from reserving future classrooms.

By using the classroom you are accepting these terms of agreement as our binding contract. 
No reselling nor sharing of classrooms permitted. Canceling relinquishes claim to any classroom. Following the guidelines of the GCC, there are NO REFUNDS once payment is made. Carpet protectant tape must remain in place & cannot be moved or altered. 

Damages incurred to the carpet in your classroom will be billed to you or your company.

Show day:
Sunday, July 12th, 2020

8:00am (EST):  

The Event Team will be on site NO earlier than as contracted for 8am. Per the GCC's rules, access to the building is not permitted until we arrive AND the security guards are on site.

8:30 - 8:45am: 

YOU should arrive before the VIP attendees enter the show floor at 9:00am. Be aware that there will be a crowd outside the GCC doors starting at 8:00am or earlier. 


General admission attendees enter the show floor. 


The Grand Prize drawing will be held at 4pm. The Competition Awards will follow after that. Make the most of this last hour & concentrate on closing sales.


All demo's should begin winding down.Spend the last 30 minutes making final SALES. 

Start pre-packing, but to avoid accidents move nothing outside of your booth until all attendees are off the show floor. Leave trash & empty boxes in your booth. Tape up boxes/shrink wrap pallets & affix prepared shipping labels. Leave those in your booth to be transported to the docks.


The show concludes as contracted at 5pm. Move out process is from 5pm - 7:00pm & NO later. Move-out occurs thru the 2 side emergency exits (not thru the front doors). The 10 four wheel dollies will be in that interior corridor for your use. Please return them to the lobby. 

Boxes & pallets:

1) must be taped shut or shrink wrapped (you supply the tape & shrink wrap)

2) must have pre-printed address labels applied

3) must have prior pick up arrangements made with your carrier

Educators still in the process of moving out past 7:00pm MUST
pay $20 per hour cash only & exact change for the security guard to stay later than contracted. 

​Educator Terms:


*​"S" hooks (large), wire, or fishing string to fasten your signs to the pipe/drape.

*Tape - cannot fasten anything to walls of GCC.

*Free standing banners - must be INSIDE your booth footprint. 

*Extension cords - label them with your name to identify during move out.
*Lights, nail lamps, e-files, table towels, hand sanitizer, etc.
*Sign up sheets, pens & display sign to sell your Monday Workshop Classes.  

*Extra table drapes or furniture of your own - limited to your booth footprint.
*FREE product samples for the attendees!
*Fishbowl & entry slips to hold your own drawing - expand your data base of contacts.

*Small bills to make change - bring lots of $1's, $5's, $10's, & $20’s.

*Retail bags & receipt booklet for purchases.
*Money bag or lock box - keep all valuables covered & out of reach at the back of your booth.

*Square & other mobile device to make wireless sales transactions - Wifi is included in booth cost. 

*Your company business cards, brochures, sales flyers & catalogues.

*An assistant to answer questions & make sales while you demo, plus watch for theft & cover your booth for restroom/lunch breaks/classroom breaks. It can be a nail tech or a family member, but NO children under 13 yrs. old.

*Standing display frame of your price list OR price all products so techs won't have to interrupt your demo to ask. Don't lose sales by failing to do this.

*Nail Glitter - the GCC is permitting us to use glitter & rhinestones with the provision we use carpet protectant wrap. Use extreme caution to avoid spills! 

*Damage to the carpet will be billed to your company - do NOT remove carpet protectant wrap.

 To reach us in Gatlinburg if it's urgent:

TEXT (fastest) or CALL:

You should already have the cell number or PM us on Facebook. Leave a detailed message along WITH your phone number & be aware that the Smoky Mountains make cell reception spotty.​


Questions pertaining toinfo already covered will go unanswered due to lack of time on our part. 


Requests to open the GCC doors or arrive anyearlier than scheduled will go unanswered as well.

5:01pm on Monday:  

We will be on personal family vacation time & will not respond to anyone, at any time, for any reason until we return to work the following week.

Please direct all Convention Center questions or shipping issues to the GCC:

(800) 343 - 1475

Thank you in advance for making this a great show experience for everyone!

Before you leave for Gatlinburg, TN :

​​​​​(Eastern Standard Time)

Order booth electricity 2 weeks before the show to receive the discounted rate - (865) 436-1400

Departing Shipments:

Schedule YOUR departing shipments or check with your company that this has been handled.
No USPS delivery
. FedEx offers best delivery with least problems. Deadline for outbound packages/pallets after the show concludes: NO later than Tuesday, July 14th, 2020

 Abuse of this complimentary storage privilege affects ALL Exhibitors & may be rescinded at any time.  
Confirm with your company that shipping arrangements have been handled.
 All boxes remaining after this deadline are considered abandoned & at risk of being donated to charity. 

Educators are responsible for: 

1) prior arrangements made thru your carrier to pick up all boxes before the deadline. 
2) boxes must be taped shut & pallets shrink wrapped.

3) bring pre-printed shipping address labels to affix to boxes - “Bill of Ladling” actual form MUST be on the outside of the package or the carriers won’t pick them up. 

It cannot be a home made, hand-written label; it must be the actual form.

*we do not supply tape, shrink wrap nor print shipping labels.

​Social time & networking:

The Gala: 

 WHEN: Saturday night July 11th, 2020 from 7:00 - 9:30pm 

WHERE: Gatlinburg Event Center (NOT the Convention Center)

*No ticket sales at the door. Tickets on sale Jan. 1st until sold out.

Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D owner of Precision Nails is The Gala Host & is the person in charge of The Gala. Jaime welcomes Sponsorship inquiries, plus table reservations (8 - 10 ppl) at Celebrate@TheEventGala.com

CLICK HERE for Gala tickets, location& FAQ's

Exhibitor move-in procedures:

Saturday, July 11th, 2020

GPS Address: 

Gatlinburg Convention Center, 234 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN. 37738 

9:00am (EST): 

Arrive no sooner because the doors will be locked, but no later than 4:00pm. At4:05pm any unattended booths not in progress of setting up will be considered abandoned & will be dismantled. We will be on site at 8:00am to let in companies that are holding a Saturday Workshop.

NO Sunday move-in times permitted.


Everyone must depart the GCC before 5pm as per our contract when the doors will be locked.

Schedule your flights to arrive in enough time factoring in any airport & shuttle delays.

Parking to unload:
Use the 4 designated parking spacesin the semi-circle Trolley drive in front of the Mills Center on Historic Nature Trail.
Parking along the curb may get you ticketed or towed. Once finished unloading, move your vehicle to the paid parking lotsacross the street to allow others to unload. 

The Mills Center:
Enter thru the doors of the Mills Center (NOT the Parkway entrance) & into the Mills Auditorium. 
10 four-wheel dollies will be in the lobby for your use. Please return them when you're finished.
A security guard will be in place to make sure this process goes smoothly.

See us 1st at the Registration Window:
You will be given educator wrist bands upon arrival - wear these to the show on Sunday.


*Food, candy or drinks
*Candles, lighters, matches or open flames
*Balloons of any kind
*Party confetti for the tables
*Helium tanks
*Heat tape, double face tape, spray adhesives
*Staples, thumb tacks, construction nails

​*Children under 13yrs old

Nail Show, Education, Products & Nail Companies!

ALL BOOTHS (8’ x 10' ) consist of:

(1) table- 8'x24" white covered, black skirted 
(4) folding chairs 
(1) wastebasket
(1) 8' black back drape
(2) 3' black side drapes

Double Booths = 2x everything listed above
Triple Booths = 3x everything above
Quadruple Booths = 4x everything above

*extra chairs, wastebaskets & WiFi are complimentary

Extra tables can be ordered in advance on our secure Square Market -

*will already be in your booth when you arrive

Tables can also be charged to YOUR credit card during Exhibitor move-in if you don't mind waiting. You may also bring your own furniture at no extra cost.

*must fit within booth footprint

Educator wrist bands (not badges): 

Single booth = up to 4 educators max
                           Double booth, triple & quad = up to 8 educators max
                     Additional educators costs extra -