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​Theme: "1950's Road Trip"


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3D Nail Art Rules:

1. Please use competition size Nail tips. 

2. 10 Nail tips must be used in any fashion. Same size or graduated in size. Either is fine, but you must have 10. 

3. All artwork must be made with Nail Supplies. PLEASE DO NOT INCLUDE PRE-MADE 3D pieces such as bows, charms. 

4. You may use crystals/bling but no more that 25% of your design can be made from these. 

5. Please mount your nails on a BLACK sturdy foam board measuring 6x8.

6. Feel free to incorporate moving items such as blinking lights, gears that turn or other things that might run off a battery pack. 

7. You’re artwork can be made with acrylic, gel, poly gel, polish, glitter, etc. basically anything that can be worn on a nail can be used in your artwork. 

8. Your 3D nail Art MUST be no higher than 3” and must touch each nail that is displayed in your board. The artwork can be individually created on each tip or can span all 10 tips in the form of a scenic art, but CANNOT extend over the edge of the display board. 

9. Entries must be turned in at 9:00am on Sunday morning at the Mobile Manicurist booth. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony later in the day. 

10. Include a brief summary of how your work was done. 


Direct all QUESTIONS to Tracy

Hand Painted Flat Art

​Theme: "1950's Road Trip"


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Hand Painted Flat Art Rules:

1. You must use 10 competition Nail tips in various sizes (small-large). 

2. You may only use acrylic paint, gel polish or gel paints & regular nail lacquer. 

3. You may use polishes that have glitter BUT NO LOOSE GLITTER IS ALLOWED. 

4. Seal your project with either a glossy, matte gel or both. 

5. Mount your tips on a foam board, 6x8. 

6. Work must be done ahead of time and brought with you. 

7. Artwork can be done on each tip individually or painted as a scene with all nails fused together. 


Direct all QUESTIONS to Tracy Vinson -


2019 Nail Art Entries

Enter one or both of these 2 "Turn-in" Design Challenge Competitions where your art is created in advance following the guidelines set by the Competition Host Tracy Vinson (aka The Mobile Manicurist). 

"Turn-in" means you create your entry at home & turn it in to The Mobile Manicurist's booth #1 at the show (must be present to win; no mail-in entries). 

This is a chance for you to show off your artistic skills & win prizes from The Mobile Manicurist. Read & follow the rules below before registering at the links provided.


​​*This info is deemed reliable, but may change at any time.