​This is OUR world......where nail techs are the STARS! 

​Nail techs have become published authors, writing books & articles for our nail magazines, plus some have become professional bloggers with thousands of online followers.​​

​A few nail techs have used their business savvy & skills to become Competition Directors judging at conventions & for reality TV shows, too​.

​Nail techs have created products of their own & are busier than ever training educators while operating their own growing nail companies.​

​As nail techs, we should be proud!

No longer are we the "red headed step-children" of the beauty industry, relegated to a back corner of the salon as an afterthought. 

Nail techs are now salon owners (many with business degrees), creating jobs by employing hair stylists, estheticians, receptionists​ & other techs.

This show is dedicated to all of us & we welcome you to enjoy it.

The ​Nail Tech Event of the Smokies
​This is OUR world.......where nail techs are the stars!

Jill Wright, 
Event Coordinator & Nail Tech
"Creating nail tech pride, one tech at a time."

​And some nail techs have become event coordinators, starting little shows all over the world to fill the void left by the big (mostly hair) shows.​​​

​Nail techs have entered competitions across the USA & Europe, honing their skills to become world class competition title holders.​

​Nail tech Educators travel the world teaching the art & science of creating great nails, while giving techs the ability to support themselves in a fun career that they love.​

​​Nail techs have become beauty school instructors, teaching future
generations of nail techs, plus some have become school owners, too.​

Celebrate Our Nail Industry:

​But the largest segment of our nail industry are the part time techs who are raising a family or working 2 jobs while building their clientele. ​