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Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

​This is OUR world.......where nail techs are the stars!

Celebrate Our Nail Industry:

As nail techs, we should be proud of ourselves! 

No longer are we the "red headed step-children of the beauty industry",

relegated to a back corner of the salon as an afterthought. 

Nail techs are now salon owners, many with business degrees, creating jobs by employing hair stylists, estheticians & receptionists.

Nail techs have become beauty school instructors, teaching future

generations of nail techs & some have even become school owners.

Nail tech Educators travel the world teaching the art & science of creating great nails, while giving techs the ability to support

themselves in a fun career that they love.

Nail techs have become published authors, writing books 

& articles for our nail magazines or even professional bloggers

with thousands of online followers.

Nail techs have entered competitions across the USA & Europe, honing their skills to become world class competition title holders.

Nail techs have even created products of their own & are busier than ever training educators while operating their own nail companies.

And nail techs have become event coordinatorsstarting 

'networking events' across the USA to fill the void left by the big

(mostly hair) shows & bringing affordable nail education to previously neglected areas of our country.

But the biggest segment of our nail industry are the part time techs who are raising a family or working 2 jobs while building clientele. 


Come celebrate the many nail tech opportunities at our

 10 year Anniversary this July 8 - 10th, 2017! 

As our "thank you" for getting us started, all 50 nail techs who attended our 1st Event in 2008 at the Brookside Resortget in FREE for 2017!

Contact for your secret promo code

(we have the original 2008 guest list & your name must match up)


Jill Wright,

Event Coordinator & Nail Tech

"Creating nail tech pride, one tech at a time."