"THE EVENT TEAM" changes yearly & is comprised of FRIENDS & FAMILY using their own vacation time volunteering to help run this grassroots show on a shoestring budget while operating with NO DEBT.​​​

​Thanks to the great word of mouth referrals from nail techs, educators & company owners alike, we grew to 500+ attending nail techs, 200+ Educators & 50+ nail companies all selling & demoing products, plus holding optional Saturday & Monday Workshops, too.

NEW for 2019 were the "Extended Workshops" which are hands-on classes held offsite on Friday by Sanctioned nail companies. 

"SANCTIONED" means approved by show management.... not a piggybacking free-for-all by any educator or company owner looking to make a quick buck off our nail tech attendees while having no regard to the detrimental impact that has on all the legitimate participating companies.

​The 1st Event was held in 2008 at the Brookside Resort, meeting the goal of 50 nail techs & 6 Educators demoing on tables, plus nail icon Vicki Peters was the guest speaker. ​Within 3 yrs. we'd become the largest nail tech networking event in the USA.

Thank you for all your support & encouragement. We are proof that anything's possible when the nail world pulls together for the benefit of us all & we welcome you to join us as we create nail tech pride ...... one tech at a time!​ 

Jill Wright

The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies idea began in 2007 to bring affordable & accessible nail education to our overlooked area of the South. Our humble beginnings started as a small nail tech networking event in a hotel ballroom.

The resort town of Gatlinburg, TN was chosen because it's within a days drive for over 50% of the people living East of the Mississippi & is an affordable family vacation destination.

 12 million people a year visit Gatlinburg & the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which unlike other Parks is still FREE to explore.

Behind the scenes there's a TON of work that you don't see.  This has become a full time job & I work online mornings, evenings & weekends.  I still do nails part time in my private salon for my beloved client-friends, too.


The concept of holding Monday Workshops the day after the show was created in 2010, with Saturday Workshops added later by demand. ​ After outgrowing 2 venues within 4 years, in 2012 "The Event" made the leap into the Gatlinburg Convention Center as a licensed LLC trade show.  Learning as we went, each year we cash-flowed expenses by rolling over profits saved from prior years to insure stability. 

Nail Show, Education, Products & Nail Companies!