Nail Show, Education, Products & Nail Companies!

​Thanks to the great word of mouth referrals from nail techs, educators & company owners alike, we grew to 500+ attending nail techs, 200+ Educators & 50+ nail companies all selling & demoing products, plus holding optional Saturday & Monday Workshops, too.

NEW for 2019 were the "Extended Workshops" which are hands-on classes held offsite on Friday by Sanctioned nail companies. 

"SANCTIONED" means approved by show management.... not a piggybacking free-for-all by any educator or company owner looking to make a quick buck off our nail tech attendees while having no regard to the detrimental impact that has on all the legitimate participating companies.

The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies idea began in 2007 to bring affordable & accessible nail education to our overlooked area of the South. Our humble beginnings started as a small nail tech networking event in a hotel ballroom.

The resort town of Gatlinburg, TN was chosen because it's within a days drive for over 50% of the people living East of the Mississippi & is an affordable family vacation destination.

 12 million people a year visit Gatlinburg & the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, which unlike other Parks is still FREE to explore.


The concept of holding Monday Workshops the day after the show was created in 2010, with Saturday Workshops added later by demand. ​ After outgrowing 2 venues within 4 years, in 2012 "The Event" made the leap into the Gatlinburg Convention Center as a licensed LLC trade show.  Learning as we went, each year we cash-flowed expenses by rolling over profits saved from prior years to insure stability. 

"THE EVENT TEAM" changes yearly & is comprised of FRIENDS & FAMILY using their own vacation time volunteering to help run this grassroots show on a shoestring budget while operating with NO DEBT.​​​

​The 1st Event was held in 2008 at the Brookside Resort, meeting the goal of 50 nail techs & 6 Educators demoing on tables, plus nail icon Vicki Peters was the guest speaker. ​Within 3 yrs. we'd become the largest nail tech networking event in the USA.

Thank you for all your support & encouragement. We are proof that anything's possible when the nail world pulls together for the benefit of us all & we welcome you to join us as we create nail tech pride ...... one tech at a time!​ 

Jill Wright

Behind the scenes there's a TON of work that you don't see.  This has become a full time job & I work online mornings, evenings & weekends.  I still do nails part time in my private salon for my beloved client-friends, too.