Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Vendor booth info

7th  "Nail Tech Event of the Smokies", LLC.-  2014

The Event:  Sunday, June 29th, 2014
Event Day Classes:  same day

Monday Workshop Classes: June 30th

Location:  Gatlinburg, TN.
Venue:  Gatlinburg Convention Center (NON-UNION)
               234 Historic Nature Trail
               Gatlinburg, TN. 37738

Room:  Mills Auditorium
Hours:  10am - 5pm (Eastern Time)

   The "Nail Tech Event of the Smokies" is THE largest East Coast nails-only show, thanks to our year long promotional efforts & exceptional word of mouth referrals from techs & educators alike. The resort town of Gatlinburg is located by the most visited National Park, the Great Smoky Mountains. Gatlinburg is an affordable destination resort within a day's drive of over 50% of the population East of the Mississippi!

Here is how YOUR company will benefit by joining us:

  • Professional & well organized Event.
  • Low booth space fee.
  • Exposure to 100's of nail techs, students & beauty school instructors.
  • Additional advertising on our web site, Facebook, Twitter, e-blasts, & the GCC's web site!
  • Sales of products to help offset educators' travel costs.
  • Expand your market share into the South Central region.
  • Choose to hold optional Monday Workshop Classes for additional sales.
  • Opportunity to recruit new educators.
  • Minimal travel costs for educators within driving distance.
  • Event day classes are available to the first 10 companies!

Non-refundable cost per booth:

Single- $350
Double- $600
Early bird special=  first choice of corner booths!

One 10' x 8' booth = 8' Teal back drape, 3' Teal side drapes, (1) 8' x 24" White covered Teal skirted table, 2 folding chairs, & 1 wastebasket. 

*The Event follows the guidelines of the Gatlinburg Convention Center regarding 'no refunds' once a booth is assigned & payment is received. Classrooms cannot be reserved until full payment is received, which is also non-refundable. 

  • Hand carry products to your booth or ship ahead for storage at no extra charge!
  • Four wheel dollies available for move-in/move-out process at not cost to you!
  • Required carpet protectant tape surrounding educators tables & chairs is included!
  • Companies may bring their own tables & chairs (must fit into the allotted booth space)!
  • Your company is advertised on our web site & via social media throughout the year!


Event Day Classes:                              see page 'Event Day Classes' for schedules.

For $75 companies can choose their class time (1 per company). These classes are FREE to the attendees & will run 1 hour in length during The Event. Class times are available on a first reserved basis. Your choices based on availability of Rooms #1 - #3 are:

 11am - 12:00pm  
 2pm - 3:00pm


Monday Workshop Classes:   June 30th, 2014            *see page 'Monday Workshop Classes' for schedules.

Venue: Gatlinburg Convention Center
Class rooms: #1 - 11

Time blocks (as available):

9am - noon  ($100)
1pm - 5pm  ($100)
both  ($200)

    Companies may hold an additional class on the Monday following The Event. This can offset the educators travel expenses & ensure techs satisfaction with correct product usage by providing hands-on instruction. "Hands-on" means 1 on 1 instruction for the majority of the class with the educator helping the tech to actually work with the product. 

It's also strongly advised that companies & educators promote their participation via their web sites, social media,
e-blasts to their customer list, as well as listings in trade publications!

 You determine:

  • subject - must pertain to nails, but does not have to be product specific.
  • cost - attendees directly pay you & you determine the fee.
  • start & end times - no earlier than 9am. (set up at 8:30 am) & must end no later than 5pm.
  • can hold 2 shorter classes per room OR 1 longer class.
  • break for lunch - no outside food is allowed into the GCC; may picnic outside or walk to a nearby restaurant.
  • class size - determined by room size (40-50 max).
  • requirements - if attendees need to bring supplies or not.
  • contact person to register - please provide their name, phone number, & email address.
  • make sales during class - use Square for your smart phone or written sales slips to make additional money.
  • all meeting room rentals shall be provided one standard FREE setup for the duration of The Event. Any changes will be subject to an additional set-up fee at your cost, per the GCC rules.


Reserve your booth(s) by using our secure Paypal -

OR if you prefer to send a check, we can invoice you & email a receipt upon receiving your payment.

Checks for booths & classrooms should be made to "Nail Tech Event of the Smokies, LLC" & mailed to the salon address below:

Nail Tech Event of the Smokies, LLC
Attn: Jill Wright
720 Chestnut St.
Bowling Green, KY. 42101

A receipt will be sent to you via email as confirmation of receiving your payment. At that point your company's participation will be advertised.

      *No contracts are necessary because no one gets promoted until their non-refundable check is received!


Extras NOT included with standard booth package:               see page 'Table Rate' for ordering instructions.

folding metal chair 
upholstered stack chair 
undraped table (8' x 24") 

draped exhibit table (8' x 24")
four wheel dollies
pipe/drape (Teal)

Wireless Internet-
$25 per connection (1- 10 connections)
$20 per connection (11-25 connections)
$10 per connection (26- 50 connections)

*Quantities subject to availability/prices subject to change without notice.
 9 1/2%  sales tax will be added. 


Electrical Service Forms:                                      see page 'Electrical Forms' for ordering instructions.

No Electrical Service is provided! Remember to order power if you require it. Payment must be received by a minimum of 14 days before scheduled exhibitor move-in date to receive the advanced  rate. All orders received late will be charged at the floor rate. Orders must be received by mail or fax; no phone orders accepted!


Telephone/Wifi request:                see page 'Telephone Forms' for ordering instructions.

If you need a line for using a credit card machine, please contact us for a Telephone Service Order Form & after filling it out, fax it or mail it to the GCC attention Missy Harper at the contact info below. Payment must be received a minimum of 14 days before scheduled exhibitor move-in date to receive the advanced rate. All orders received after that will be charged at the floor rate. Orders must be received by mail or fax; no phone orders accepted!  


Contact person at the Gatlinburg Convention Center:                    Missy Harper, Event Manager
phone: (865) 436-0523
fax: (865) 430-4391
mail: PO Box 5,
          Gatlinburg, TN. 37738

*Reserving/payments for booth space & classrooms is done through The Event.


Material Handling & Outbound Shipments: 

The GCC will only accept shipments arriving between:  JUNE 25, 26 & 27th, 2014.

  • NO USPS delivery!
  • NO Saturday deliveries!
  • NO deliveries after 5:00pm (EST)

The GCC will store these packages in a secure room at no extra charge to you! Shipments arriving outside of the allotted time frame will be returned to your company at YOUR expense. On set up day Saturday, June 28th, 2014, the GCC will already have your company's boxes sitting inside your booth space inside the Mills Auditorium.

Please mark your shipments as such:

Gatlinburg Convention Center
Loading Dock 
c/o Nail Tech Event of the Smokies
Vendor Company Name

Vendor Booth # / Classroom #

234 Historic Nature Trail
Gatlinburg, TN 37738

Outbound shipments:  

Educators should have all boxes taped shut, pre-printed return shipping labels applied, & prior pickup arrangements made by each nail company for your carrier of choice to pick up no later than
Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014.

The GCC will store these boxes in a secure room
 at no extra charge to you, but neither the GCC nor The Event Team can make shipping arrangements or print return labels for your company!


Exhibitor Move-In:

Saturday, June 28th, 2014
starting at 12:00pm - & ending at 5:00pm (Eastern Time)

Per the GCC's requirements:  At OUR expense a security guard must be present for all the move-in & move-out processes.

We CANNOT accommodate any early Sunday move-in times!

Please schedule your educators flights to arrive in due time for the Saturday move-in process!


Exhibitor Move-Out:

Beginning at 5pm & ending no later than 7pm EST on Sunday, June 29th, 2014.

still packing up after 7pm will be responsible for paying the security guards' fee on the spot, $20 per hour in cash.


General Operating Procedures per the GCC rules:

  • All show personnel may enter thru the doors to the Mills Center which faces Historic Nature Trail. Please use the 4 designated parking spaces to quickly unload, then move your vehicle. DO NOT BLOCK the Trolley turnaround drive near the curb or you will be towed!

  • There is NO long term parking in the loading dock area. This is for quick load in/out only or you will be towed.

  • Paid parking lots are within walking distance of the GCC, ranging from $5 - $10 per day.

  • Heat tape & double face tape may not be used on permanent carpet.

  • Do not staple, nail, tape, spray, hang or attach anything to walls, ceilings, fixtures, & floors. Signs may be hung on the back drape using fishing string, 'S' hooks, or other non-damaging materials.

  • No helium tanks or gallons are permitted.

  • No candles or open flames of any sort.

  • No glitter or confetti is permitted in the facility.   The GCC is permitting carpet protectant tape around the educators' demo area & gave approval to use nail glitter with caution. Carpet tape CANNOT be removed & is paid for at OUR expense!

  • Banners, overhead signs, & special decorations may not be hung without prior written permission.

  • Planters & furniture in public areas may not be removed or repositioned.

  • No smoking inside. Smoking areas are designated outside usually near the entrances.

  • Absolutely NO changes can be made to the final Fire Marshall approved floor plan within 10 days prior to move-in.

  • No isles may be blocked for any reason.

  • The GCC does not permit any outside food to be brought into the facility. 

  • Sales are on the 'honor system' to collect sales tax at 9 1/2% designating that sales were made at the Gatlinburg Convention Center. See tax form instructions on the page marked 'Tax Form'.


Airport & driving directions:              TYS McGee Tyson airport (Knoxville, TN.)

When making your flight reservations, be aware of the operational hours of the car rental agency when scheduling your arrival & departure times!

This drive from the Knoxville suburb of Maryville varies from approximately 45 min. to 90 min. depending on seasonal traffic & road construction. Currently there is construction off I-40 at Exit 407 (on Rte. 66 & Rte. 441) thru Sevierville to Pigeon Forge. Expect delays!

Directions from the airport to Gatlinburg:

* Take 129 North out of the Airport
* Drive 6 miles to 168 East (Gov. John Sevier Hwy.)
* Take 441 South through Sevierville, Pigeon Forge & Gatlinburg *construction on Rte. 441!

Taxi Services Available for the Smoky Mountain area:

* A Touch of Paradise - (865) 659-0907
* Davidson Taxi & Delivery- (865) 323-9708

Both are open 24 hours, accept credit cards, & require you to book your pick up time at least 24 hours in advance!

We'll do whatever we can to ensure your participation goes smoothly. Our goal is to make The Event affordable, pleasurable, & cost effective for everyone by keeping in mind our Mission Statement:  

"The Event is dedicated to bringing together nail techs, educators, & nail companies for the purpose of promoting education & product awareness"!

Sincerely, Jill Wright 
Event Coordinator & Nail Tech
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