Nail Tech Event of the Smokies


                                           Reserving booths for the 7th Event scheduled for June 29th, 2014!  

                                                                    ONLY 2 MORE BOOTHS AVAILABLE!

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 Atwood Industries featuring:                                 Owner Bruce Atwood & Educator Nicole Knight!

     Visit Bruce & Nicole for all your electric file supplies & be sure to test drive one of their many e-files before you buy              one. See the new "Mean Green" bits designed to remove gel polish without producing friction heat on the nails!
     See the large selection of Atwood's
 electric files & implements, including Diamond Magic bits, Z-Carbides, Swiss
     Carbides, pedicuring bits, natural nail bits, bit holders, cuticle oils, grippers, & more!

                                                                       (800) 451 - 6733     

   Catch their FREE Event Day Class at 11:00 in room #1

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 Precision Nails featuring:                                          Educator Jaime Schrabeck, Ph.D.!

     Successful salon owner & educator for the "Waterless 


Pedicure" technique (a unique method of pedicuring 
     without using foot tubs or wasting gallons of water), will


be offering



of her favorite nail products 

designed to    

     make your job easier AND save you money! Look for Mehaz nippers, VB Cosmetics nail products & Essie nail polish!                                         

      (831) 917 - 5769 cell       


(831) 620 - 0454 salon



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 Nail Talk Radio featuring:                Athena Elliott, Millie Haynam, Braden Jahr & Cate Widemire!

    Nail Talk Radio will be broadcasting LIVE from The Event, interviewing nail techs & educators alike! Don't wait a    
    month for that trade magazine to arrive! Listen online to 
THE Industry Fix every Sunday night at:

                                   OR listen on your phone at:    (917) 932-8407

    7:00 pm PST 
    9:00 pm Central Standard Time 
    10:00 pm EST  

                         Nail Talk Radio's 3rd Meet & Greet party will be held on Saturday, June 28th, 2014

To see past photos -


               Order your designer T-shirts featuring custom nail art by the "rock star" educators of our nail world!
                                                        *10% of proceeds go to the Polished Girlz charity!



     Nailing the world of polish discussions with the latest trends, interviews with our industry leaders, & celebrity nails! 
     This is the show for NEWS in the nail industry, plus weekly prizes worth 100's of $$$! 

     Join hosts Athena Elliott & marketing guru Millie Haynam, PLUS log in to the chat room Sunday nights to    
     connect with other techs!



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BOOTHS #18 & 19  

 OPI featuring:                                                                           Educators Norma Sproles & Lisa Kern!

         You've seen it advertised in our trade magazines, now let Norma show you how OPI's new GelColor can last weeks
        on even the most demanding client! From deep & edgy, sheer to shimmer, GelColor is available in over 30 iconic OPI
        colors. With over 18 years worth of nail experience, Norma can help you overcome any nail problem or answer all
        technical questions concerning any of OPI's many wonderful products!

                                                                                  (800) 341-9999

                    Check out OPI's exciting 2014 Fashion Week Runway Recap!

   Catch their FREE Event Day Class at 2:00 in room #2

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 Designer Nail Products featuring:                                                           Owner Pamela Thompson!

    Owner Pamela Thompson has been educating nail techs for over 16 years & is a master at creating trendy nail art, with       a fondness for airbrush techniques. Pamela's unique teaching methods will help bring your nail art to a higher level.    
    Learn everything from foils, glitter, colored acrylic, 3-D acrylic, color drops, caviar, fimo inlay art, airbrushing, & more,
    plus shop online for nail tech T-shirts, too!

                                                                     (734) 207 - 1990

                      See color acrylic stiletto nails created with confetti & spikes!

      Catch their FREE Event Day Class at 11:00 in room #2

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 Soft Landings Towels featuring:                                              The "Queen Softie"  Kathy Weltman! 

    Are you ready to become a Softie?  Soft Landings is a unique towel that quickly became the favorite within the beauty
     & spa industry. Soft Landings is thicker, lint free, & more absorbent than other towels on the market. Plus they now
     offer "4Squares", 4x4 lint free squares for use with gel or acrylic, plus great for makeup & facials, too! Visit their web 
     site for a FREE sample & become a Softie, too!



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 Erica's ATA featuring:                                                     Sales Director & Educator Erica Schlabach!

       Erica's Advanced Technical Abrasives is proud to be an American manufacturer for over 25 years. Erica's products are
       sold worldwide & are known for their high quality & longevity. See the M1 Cordless Electric file, which is perfect for
       transporting into the pedicure room! Also available are a wide variety of diamond & carbide bits, plus diamond hand
       files, & a dust vacuum that attaches right to your e-file too. Let Erica show you how to work smarter, not harder!    

                                                                                (877) 909 - 7181   

                                     See Erica's dust vacuum in action!

      Register for the 2 Monday Workshop Classes -


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BOOTH #28 & 29

 Famous Names featuring:                                                           Educator Bri McCloud!

        Who's your Daddy? Created in 2010 by Jim Nordstrom (co-founder of CND) & his wife Linda (nail tech & educator),
        Famous Names has developed revolutionary products: Lumos High Speed Top Coat, Lumos Instant Impact Bottom
        Coat, Dadi' Oil (95% Organic), Vamoos Removal Wraps & now the IBX System which strengthens natural nails from
         the inside out (perfect for gel polish clients, too)! See how FN products can help improve your salon services!  

                                                             (858) 779-1513

                     Watch how the NEW IBX System works!



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BOOTHS #13 & 14

 CND featuring:                             Educators  Beatriz Viramontes, Kimberly Jones & Holly Schippers!

      Since 1979, CND has been bringing you great products like Solar Oil, Retention+ acrylic, Brisa gel, spa mani/pedi
      products, Shellac power polish, color Additives, & now Brisa Lite removable gel! Let Kimberly & Holly help with
      troubleshooting to perfect your CND services. Get invaluable tips & tricks to help save time & make more money,
      plus learn how to create different looks using the color Additives & Elements for artistic designs, too!  

              Why are there white spots on the nails after Shellac removal?

                                                                                   (877) 263-6245

   Catch their FREE Event Day Class at 2:00 in room #1

   Register for their Monday Workshop Class -




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BOOTHS #20 & 21

 Light Elegance featuring:                                      Educators Jayne Berger & Darcy Olin!


     Light Elegance was born in an Oregon salon when salon owner Lezlie married chemist Jim McConnell. Together with

     their staff of nail techs they began creating the LE products, which are mixed right in their own lab. Truly "Made in the 

     USA", with over 70 UV cured gel polishes that can be applied over gels, acrylics, wraps, natural nails & toes, LE has a            product that's right for you. Plus try their NEW acrylic line, too!

Want to get to know the LE family better?


                                                                      (800) 275-5596  

    Catch their FREE Event Day Class at 11:00 in room #3

   Register for their Monday Workshop Class -



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 BOOTH #22 & 23 

 Akzentz featuring:                                  owner Cheryl Campbell & Educator Jessica Hoel!

       Come see the beautiful nails you can create using Luxio pure gel that lasts over 3 weeks! Watch & learn from this 
        magazine cover artist how to create simple, elegant nail art that will keep your clients returning for more! Jessica 
        has been an educator for 9 yrs. & works with the 'NW Nail Tech Event', which is a 4 day retreat near Seattle. Her
        talent & creative artwork combined with Akzentz great products guarantee you can learn to create fantastic nails!                                     

                                                                                         (800) 720-7833 

   Register for their Monday Workshop Class -



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 BOOTHS #11 & 12
 Masterworks by Amy Becker featuring:                        Owner Amy Becker & Educator Kira Frazier!

Fastest Set of Pink & White Sculptured Nails" = 7 minutes 56 seconds!


      With great thanks we welcome this top competitor who's been with us since the 1st Event in 2008! Amy & Educator           Kira Frazier will show you "the ease of gels" when using Masterworks products to create exceptionally stunning nails!       Learn easy techniques for handling gel, how to create 3-D artistic effects using the unique Masterworks gel paints,    
      plus stock up on other wonderful products to take your nails from french to fancy!

                     Watch Amy create 3-D gel flowers! 

                                                (888) 350-4435

   Register for their Monday Workshop Class -


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 BOOTH #15

 Sparkles Nail Products featuring:                           Owner Shelly Hill & Educator Julieann Fowler!


       Sparkles was founded in 2002 by creator & owner Shelly Hill, an industry veteran for over 21 years. Sparkles is a high
       end product whose team commits to customer well-being & satisfaction, as well as quality & safety. Let Shelly &
       Julieann show you how Sparkles glitter will make your nail art pop, so pick up your glitter mixes today, plus shop for 
       more online! 

                                                                (877) 775 - 5748



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 Swarovski Elements for Nails featuring:                      Educator Alexandra Goodson for Gina Silvestro!

       Gina Silvestro is a , award winning, 23 yr. veteran nail tech & is now a "Create Your Style" Ambassador
     for Swarovski Elements for nails. Visit Gina to learn how YOU can create elegant nail art using an array of mediums
     combines with authentic Swarovski Elements Crystals! Gina's now offering Swarovski Crystal Nail Design Kits of pre-        packaged gems, which include a salon menu with suggested pricing, making it easy for techs to earn a profit! 


   See Gina at work with Swarovski crystals!



Connect with Gina Silvestro on Facebook:




Dazzle Dry featuring:                                                                                               Owner Vivian Valenty!

      Fast-drying nail polish colors & a quick drying top coat of the utmost speed unite to form the Dazzle Dry™ Quick Dry         Nail System - a full line of nail polish colors, a topcoat & a base coat for natural nails that deliver chic, beautiful nails         in minutes.  Pamper your hands & feet the natural & earth-friendly way with VB Cosmetics' line of premium manicure
      & pedicure products of soothing creams, body butters, scrubs & lotions, all made from the purest botanicals!

                                         (866) 398 - 9357             



Connect with Vivian Valenty on Facebook at:





Medinails Learning Center featuring:                                     owner Dr. Spalding, DPM!


      Let board certified podiatrist & author Dr. Spalding offer you a higher level of education with the ANT & MNT nail
      courses offered online by the Medinails Learning Institute. It's been proven - more education leads to higher pay!
      Offer your clients the latest in anti-fungal nail treatments containing tea tree oil with the "Just for Toenails" line of
      polish with 14 high gloss colors, plus topcoat, ridge filler, & base coat. Your clients will thank you!  


                Dr. Spalding was interviewed on the Anderson Cooper show!  

                                                How do we make our clients aware of important salon sanitation?

                                       (423) 756-3668            



   Connect with Dr. Spalding on Facebook at:





Be Creative by Sam Biddle featuring:                                        Educator Tammi Merritt!

      Join Educator Tammi Merritt as she shows you fast, easy & salon profitable ways to design fun nail art with "Be
     Creative by Sam Biddle"!  Learn how to use the Be Creative range of Arabella Forms, Gel & Acrylic, Nail Art Pens,
     Pigments, Inspiration Developing skills, Gel Paint application, Colour fading Encapsulation, Embellishments Stickers,        & so much more. Get inspired by Tammi's methods & learn new art techniques which will WOW your clients!

                     (865) 254 - 8059

   Register for the Monday Workshop Class -






BOOTHS #30 & 31

Elite Beauty Supplies featuring:       Owners Cherie Byklum & Diane MacQuoid & Educator Renee Parnell!

       Cherie Byklum is excited to share her new line of Elite gels & acrylics, which are formulated to allow techs to work                quickly & uniquely! Come see the stunning color options of Elite's beautiful pigments & blingy glitter! Make more                  money by maximizing your time & set yourself apart from the others by learning to customize your own colors.        
        Being a nail tech herself, Cherie knows what techs need, so visit Elite Beauty Supplies to see how they can help you! 

                                                            (306) 304 - 1882

   Register for their 2 Monday Workshop Classes -



  Connect with Elite Beauty Supplies on Facebook at:




BOOTHS #32 & 33

La Palm Spa Products featuring:                               Educators Alena Clark & Tracy Wilcox! 

  Discover the amazing Gel II luminous gel polish that applies faster, feels thinner & lasts longer than any other gel    
  polish available! Forget base coats, bond-aids, & primers. Gel II delivers a fast two-step professional system that's
  unique from any other on the market. Plus see how La Palm's "Pure Organics" line of natural spa mani & pedi products
  will smooth, detoxify, & hydrate your clients’ skin for a luxurious experience!

                                                                        (316) 425 - 2500


                                  Check out what makes Gel II different!

       Register for their Monday Workshop Class -






Salon Formulary featuring:                            Owner Melodie Hand!

  Salon Formulary produces manicure & pedicure products for both use in the salon & for your clients at-home use    
  between appointments.  All products also have custom scent options available, giving the salon owner more flexibility
  & more unique choices for their salon. Plus, in an effort to help support the salon professional, our products are only
  available to salon professionals. Visit Melodie to sample your many options & choose what's best for YOUR salon!

                                                                     (919) 550-5390



  Connect with Salon Formulary on Facebook at:   



BOOTH #24 

Backscratchers Salon Systems featuring:                                Educator Leaha Franks! 


Learn the latest techniques from Leaha on easy to use systems like the Glass Glaze Fiberglass, Silk Wrap, & Extreme 

  acrylic Powder Dip System. These nail systems offer your clients natural looking nails without offensive odors or the 
  use of harsh primers, PLUS they're very gentle to the natural nail, which makes them perfect for the salon & spa! Plus
  see Backscratchers "Heavenly Soles" pedicure line & NEW stainless steel nail files/pedi files with disposable grits!

                                                                         (800) 832-5577   

   See what Backscratchers Extreme is all about! 






 BOOTH #35


KUPA/Beautiful Nails featuring:_____________Educators Ann Chang & Yire Castillo!

     KUPA joins us for their 2nd time to bring their high quality electric files & amazing acrylic nail products! Both Yire
     & Ann expand their talents when utilizing Beautiful Nails products to create exquisite works of art!  Whether you're a
    new tech or not, let Ann & Yire show you how to create gorgeous nails using both Beautiful Nails & KUPA's products!


                                                                                                  (800) 994 - 5872


        Register for their Monday Workshop Class







 Booth #6

North American School of Podology (NASP) & International Pedicure Association (IPA) featuring: 

                                  Educator Deb Bourque for NASP & educator Betty Jackson for IPA!


    The North American School of Podology (NASP) was founded in 2000 in North America to help distinguish the    
    professional who has advanced training and knowledge in pedicures from the standard salon technician.
            (855) 622-NASP (6277)   

    IPA is the only voluntary professional association of  its kind in the world focusing on pedicuring. The Association  
    advocates safe pedicuring through education & support for our members. Membership is available & includes benefits
    such as educational webinars, discounts on insurance, discounts on products & tools, etc. See more at:
                                                  (866) 326-7573                 

       What exactly can NASP offer YOU?  

  Register for NASP's Monday Workshop Class -





 Booth #3


Misty Mountain Soap Company featuring:                          owner Cindy Heinemann!


    The Misty Mountain Soap Company started from a mother & daughter’s vision to create handmade soaps, along with
    bath & body products for people who desire a more natural approach to skin care. They
 use only the highest quality
    vegan oils (no animal fats) in their soaps along with herbs, botanicals, goat’s milk, essential &/or fragrance oils.
    Wholesale orders are available to salons, so try their many different scented lotions, scrubs & body butters!  

                                                    (865) 325-8084                    

        See what the Misty Mountain Soap Co. is all about!






  Booth #16

NSI featuring:                                                   Educators Malinda Haggerty & Kristi Spencer! 

     Discover NSI & see why their products such as Attractions Acrylic, Balance UV Gel, & Polish Pro light cured UV polish      are loved worldwide! Let Malinda & Kristi show you how NSI's innovative products such as "Line Out" & "Glaze'n Go"
     will save you valuable time as well as money. Discover the difference that an in-house laboratory creating cutting edge
     products & a real commitment to the nail professional can make!  


Register for NSI's hands-on Monday Workshop Class

                                                                                   (800) 354-6741






  Booth #2

AML Distribution featuring:                        Educators Linda Woods, Yolanda Ramsey & Michele Baker!

    Nail art is the hottest trend, but you don't have to be a Rembrandt to do beautiful artwork when Michele shows you
    creative tricks! Learn 3-D flowers, embed design elements in nails, color fading & marbleizing using EZ Flow acrylic
    systems, It's So Easy nail art paint, Seche Vite, & China Glaze polish. AML is the authorized distributor for American
    International Industries (Aii) beauty products, plus they're located in TN. & give great, friendly customer service!

   Catch their FREE Event Day Class at 2:00 in room #3

                                       (888) 556-8466              





  Booth #38

 Footlogix & Visage Prof. Supply featuring:                         Educators Beverly Henderson & Karen Anders!

      "Where Medi Meets Pedi" is the claim to fame for Footlogix Pediceuticals, with Dermal Infusion Technology® (DIT). 

       Formulated with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, developed specifically for podiatrists & nail techs, Footlogix 

       enables ailment-curing, active ingredients to penetrate faster & deeper into the troubled skin of the feet. With results 

       seen in a few days, let Beverly & Karen show you how to transform your clients feet "From Woe to WOW"!

                                                 (888) 802 - 8477                           





 Booth #39

 ProFiles featuring:                                             Owners Traci Dungan & Ami McClure!

     Sisters Ami & Traci started ProFiles salon 17 yrs. ago & now they have 5 locations around Florida! They can offer you a      way for an individual nail tech or existing salon owner to benefit from the ProFiles name. They offer a 'package deal' to      their training, mixes, techniques, marketing, & even custom furniture so you'll have the guidance to become profitable.
     ProFiles also has trial professional acrylic & gel kits on hand & they can't wait for everyone to try their stuff! 

                                                                        (239) 573 - 6245





Booth #8

Infusion Nails featuring:                                        Owners Ileana & Adrian Rodriguez!

   At Infusion Nails Art, we are focused on providing excellent services to the highest levels of customer satisfaction & will    do our best to meet your expectations. With a variety of accessories for the professional nail tech, Infusion Nails carries    everything for nail decorations, such as glitters, eggshells, foils, polymer clay, Caviar, flocking, stickers, wood chips,    
   butterfly wings, acrylic colors, brushes, etc. Stock up on reasonably priced nail art supplies with Ileana & Adrian!

                          (443) 604 - 9131       *Se habla espanol  






Booth #17

Dashing Diva featuring:                                                    Educator Valerie Clark!


    Want products that don't require soaking off, yet still last long on your client's nails? Let Val show you how to apply    
    No Blend Tips, Combine Gel, GlamGel ready-to-wear gel finished nails & the NEW compact LED light!  These products 
    have superior, no heat adhesion technology with non-damaging removal! Virtual Nails is a full coverage nail which can       be used with lacquer, gel polish, or nail art; French Wrap gives you perfect smile lines with no smudging! 

                                    (615) 397 - 4753            






 Booth #7

  «E.Mi» featuring:                                            Educators  Jennifer Wirth & Sheryl McCullogh-Schramm!

   Founded by World Champion Fantasy Art competitor Ekaterina Miroshnichenko, «E.Mi» (pronounced "Emmy") is a
   line of gel paints & brushes made in Germany, as well as decorations for the nails.  iDesign gel paint can be applied  
   immediately to the nails because the special texture does not allow it to flow & always gives you the best results! Using       «E.Mi» is so convenient that you can realize your wildest nail art dreams! Jennifer is the sole distributor for the USA.

                                    (608) 553 - 1329         




                                                                         ONLY 2 MORE BOOTHS AVAILABLE!

                     Pay for your booth(s) NOW using secure Paypal - see page "2014 Booth Floor Plan"!





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