Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Tech Reminders

The Event changes yearly!  Please review this page so you'll know what to expect!



Q.) Do I need to bring my receipt/ticket? 

A.) YES!

The Event has grown too large to keep a guest list, which slows down the check-in process!

  • Prepaid VIP attendees NEED TO BRING THEIR PAYPAL RECEIPTS as their tickets! 
  • Eventbrite attendees NEED TO BRING THEIR TICKETS or SHOW THEIR TICKET ON THEIR PHONE!                             (download the FREE Eventbrite app on your iPhone or Android to find your ticket)
  • Be prepared to show your beauty license & photo ID!

       DO NOT show up without your receipt/ticket! 
       You will be required to pay-at-the-door $70 CASH ONLY without a Ticket or Snail Mail receipt!

Q.) Are you sure I need to bring my receipt/ticket, beauty license & photo ID? 

A.) YES! Please be prepared by having these items out & ready to show:

        1) your ticket/receipt
        2) professional beauty license
        3) photo ID

Q.) Can I pay at the door because I missed the registration deadline?

A.) Yes, but it's CASH ONLY & you must show your professional beauty license along with a photo ID. 

                    To streamline the registration process, please have those items out & ready to show!


Q. Can I get a refund because I can't attend now?

A.) NO!  Don't even ask! BUT you may sell your registration to another licensed beauty professional.

       They will need to bring your receipt/ticket, plus
 show their own professional beauty license & photo ID!

Q.) Can we bring guests, children, or spouses?

A.) NO!  This is a 'professionals only' Event.  Be prepared to show your beauty license & photo ID!

Q.) How do I get free nail goodies?

A.) Some companies MAY offer free nail samples product IF you visit their booth for a demo or inquire about
      their products. This is no guarantee. Companies are NOT REQUIRED to give away free products!


Q.) When should I arrive?

A.) NEW for 2015:

      Early check-in from 1:00pm - 4:00pm ONLY on Saturday, July 11th!
      Save time on Event day & bypass the long check-in lines by receiving your wrist band a day early. 

      Wear your wrist band to The Event & show it to The Event Team as you glide past the long lines!
      BUT if you lose or forget your wrist band on Event day, you MUST PURCHASE ANOTHER ONE! 
      Sorry, but NO exceptions!

      The regular Event check-in process is at 8:30am with Event entry at 9:00am on July 12th, 2015. 

Per the GCC rules - NO attendee can enter the building before a security guard is on duty!
                                                Unfortunately if you arrive before the doors can be unlocked, be prepared to stand outside even
                                                 if it's raining.

                                                Factor in travel time & arrive early for the best parking.  
                                                The GCC does NOT 
have a parking lot on site.
                                                Nearby are paid parking lots ranging from $5 - $10 per day.

                                                  Several paid parking lots are located on Historic Nature Trail

Q.) Where do we enter the Gatlinburg Convention Center?

A). Enter the GCC at the newer Mills Conference Center, located on Historic Nature Trail (Traffic light #8).
      Look for our sign & enter thru those doors.  The Event is held in the fabulous Mills Auditorium.

      The Event sign will NOT be on the Parkway since our convention is in the newer Mills section of the GCC. Other
      conventions being held in the older section of the GCC utilize the Parkway signs (per GCC's rules).



Q.) What do I wear to The Event?

A.) Please wear business-casual, work appropriate clothing. 

      Do NOT dress in 
hootchie club attire!  
      Dress for 
      These candid photos will appear in trade magazines & on the web, so don't look ignorant.

      Our motto: When in doubt, don't wear it out!  
      Still unsure?

       Here are some tasteful guidelines:      

                                           *  Capris & walking shorts are fine.

                                           *  Mini skirts & Daisey Dukes are not!

                                           *  Cleavage needs to be kept under wraps, which includes the rear cleavage as well.


                                           *  Stomachs are not to be bared.

                                           *  Bras & underwear should be worn under your clothing.

                                           *  Clothing needs to fit your body, not be 2 sizes too small.  We each have our 
                                               own "problem areas", 
be it fat rolls or cellulite.  We don't need to see yours!

                                                                                      *actual photo taken at a beauty industry trade show!

                                        *Remember -  This is NOT an audition for TLC's "What Not to Wear"!                                                  
                                                                          Please don't 
embarrass yourself or others.                                                                     
                                                                                           Dress appropriately!

                               *   People caught violating the rules of common decency run the risk of seeing photos of 
unfortunate clothing choices posted on "The Wall of Shame".....aka Facebook.
                                 Remember, everyone has a cell phone camera now days!




Q.) Can we buy products at The Event? 

A.) Yes! Bring cash (1's, 5's & 10's) & credit/debit cards. Some companies will NOT accept checks!

      To sell or not to sell 
product is determined by each company. 
All companies are encouraged to sell products. If you're
      disgruntled that a company was NOT selling product, gripe to that company......not to us!






Q.) Will there be food served at The Event?

A.) NO!  We did NOT meet the GCC's catering sales quota for the past 2 yrs. Therefor they will NO longer have a food
court during The Event. 

      Many restaurants are located within
walking distance, but the GCC does NOT allow outside food to be brought in!                      

                                  Beverage machines & water fountains are located near the restrooms & Classrooms!



Q.) Can I leave The Event & then come back?

A.) Yes. Keep your wrist band on & don't take it off until you're ready to leave for good.  No wrist band = no entry!

Q.) Do I have to be present to win a door prize?

A.) Yes. The number on your wrist band must match the number on the drawn stub.  Sorry, we can't mail prizes. We            
                choose the Door Prize, THEN pick the number (sorry, no exchanges).

                Time your restroom breaks so you don't miss out! For 2015 drawings will be held throughout The Event!

DRAWING TIMES -    10:30am

                                                  *12:30pm - check at Registration the winning ticket numbers after classes & comps!
                                                   *1:30pm - check at Registration the winning ticket numbers after classes & comps!

   5:00pm Grand Prize drawing will be in the foyer at the Nail Talk Radio booth!

                The 2014 Grand Prize was donated by American International Industries & was worth $1400!  

                Nail tech Wendy Carlson won it & can you tell how excited she is?




Q.) Is there a bag check area so I don't have to carry purchases?

A.) No.

Q.) Can I sign up for Monday Workshop Classes DURING The Event?

A.) Yes,  BUT pre-registration is strongly encouraged!

      Classes may be canceled due to lack of perceived interest OR the class may sell out if you wait to pre-register!



Q.) Can I get CEU's (Continuing Education Units) for taking the classes?

A.) No. 

Q.) Will 2015 Monday Workshop Classes be held elsewhere besides the Gatlinburg Convention Center?

A.) YES! Due to the high demand for classes & the fact that the GCC only has 13 classrooms, some classes MAY be held
                  offsite in hotel meeting rooms.
                 The Event will only promote current vendor's Monday Workshop Classes!

Q.) How can we continue to get more BIGGER & BETTER Door Prizes?

A.)  On the "Company Sponsors" page are ALL participating company's web sites.  Contact these companies to show your 
       appreciation for their generosity & tell them you found them at the Smoky Mtn. Event! 

       These companies NEED your feedback or they'll stop donating to us!

ordering online or by phone, mention you found them at the Smoky Mtn. Event!






1)  The nail companies NEED to make a profit, otherwise they cannot afford to participate in future Events.

  •       The more products they sell, the more likely they will return. 
  •      Please delay buying your nail supplies until at The Event!  
  •      Support participating nail companies by purchasing products directly from them, plus avoid shipping costs!

2)  Bring plenty of business cards to exchange with others.
      There's no quicker way to be forgotten than to NOT have your
professional business cards with you!

3)  If you're interested in becoming an educator, mention it to your favorite company at The Event.  
     They'll pass on 
your contact info to their educational director!

4)  Introduce yourself to others, especially if you see someone alone!  
     This is one way to make new friends & enlarge your
 network of contacts.  
     A great place to start is in a class or at
Nail Talk Radio's Meet & Greet!           





4)  Need a roommate or to carpool?  
      Post your request on our Event Facebook page at


5)  Need a smoke break? 
     A covered patio is thru the double doors near Ballroom 'A'.
     There's also park benches on Historic Nature Trail near the circular Trolley stop.



6)  Please don't trash the Gatlinburg Convention Center & conduct yourselves decently during your visit to                             Gatlinburg, as each individual's behavior reflects back on us nail techs as a whole!                       

7)  Restaurants may have a longer wait in this resort town. 
      Be prepared to spend 1-2 hours on your dining experience.
      You may finish sooner,
 but then again you may not. These are the closest & fastest food sources:

Flying Saucer Pizza        Subway across from the GCC.        Bearland Grill near GCC.       Bones BBQ across from the GCC 



 The Event is truly going to be fabulous, thanks to each & every one of you! 


                                4th Event, 2011                                                       6th Event, 2013
            Sangeeta (L) flew from India!                                        Allexcia (R) flew from Barbados!



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