Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Emergency Plan

"Emergency Plan of Action" for the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies, LLC.

Should the Event Coordinator (Jill Wright) become incapacitated or deceased, the following is the Emergency Plan of Action that The Event Team will follow:

Emergency contact person: Carol Bates

Relationship: sister

Address: 455 S. Vaughn Dr., Satsuma, AL. 36572

Home phone: (251) 675 - 8977

Work phone: (251) 679 - 9216

Cell: (251) 423 - 1130


web site:

Career: securities licensed Mutual of Omaha agent & owner of "Accounting & Income Tax Solutions" in Satsuma, AL.

                                                                              Todd Lawrence, Keith Carnes, Carol Bates, Jill Wright, & Jim McClard.

Carol has helped run the Event since the beginning, is on The Event bank account & has access to all the passwords for the PC, web site(s), Paypal, Facebook, etc. She also has access to the duplicate paper records for each Event, plus the book of company contacts. Meticulous, detailed notes of every company transaction as well as emails are kept for referencing. Carol will post on my personal Facebook page, as well as on The Event's Facebook page, all status updates of the situation.

Should anything occur in due time to cancel The Event, Carol will contact each company to refund their payments (partial or in full with regards to the Gatlinburg Convention Center's refund policy) & make arrangements for already shipped product donations per each companies wishes. Instructions for attendees refunds will be posted on the web site & Facebook as well.

Should anything occur shortly before The Event that would prohibit the Event Coordinator (Jill Wright) from appearing, Carol & The Event team will hold The Event as planned. The company owners & educators are good people, so I know they'll pull together to see that it runs as smoothly as possible, plus Missy Harper & the Gatlinburg Convention Center staff are extremely qualified to handle all trade show emergencies. 

After The Event is over (or if there's enough time to cancel the Event), I've suggested that Carol sell it to the highest bidder because this is a business that has both current as well as future value.

Sincerely, Jill Wright 
Event Coordinator & Nail Tech

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