Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Educator Reminders

Educator reminders:           Gatlinburg, TN is on Eastern Standard Time!

1) YOUR contact person is Missy Harper at the Gatlinburg Convention Center for:
  • classroom setup 
  • electrical service order forms
  • telephone service order forms 

              Missy Harper           PH: (865) 436-0523          FAX: 865-436-3704
  • If you've missed the June 26th, 2015 deadline to submit the Telephone Service & the Electrical Service order forms, you'll need to purchase those on vendor move-in day Saturday, June 28th from Missy Harper.                                                   
  • Payment must be received by the GCC a minimum of 14 days before the scheduled exhibitor move-in date to receive the   
    advanced rate.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
  • All orders received late will be charged at the floor rate.                                                                                                                         
  • Orders must be received by mail, fax or online using a credit card; no phone orders accepted! For credit cards                       

 2) Our personal PAID COMPS to YOU for 2014 are:

a) cost of the 10 four wheel dollies to use for load in/load out processes PLUS 9.75% tax on dollies. 

b) cost of the carpet protector tape laid under each booth - IT CANNOT BE REMOVED due to GCC's ban on glitter!

c) 9.75% tax paid to the GCC on the cost of EACH of YOUR booths!  

d) a PAID security guard is required by the GCC for ALL move in & move out processes!


3) Shipments to the GCC:        Must ONLY ARRIVE on July 9th - 10th  between 9am to 5pm (EST)!

a) Shipments will be stored FREE of charge in a secure room!

Address your shipments as such:         Gatlinburg Convention Center
                                                                               Loading Dock 
                                                                               c/o Nail Tech Event of the Smokies 
                                                                              "Vendor Company Name" 
                                                                              "Vendor Booth # / Classroom #"
                                                                               234 Historic Nature Trail 
                                                                               Gatlinburg, TN 37738

b)  your shipments will be in your booths on Saturday, July 11th, 2015 awaiting your booth set up.

c) Departing shipments - outgoing no later than Tuesday, July 14th, 2015! 

d) YOU must make PRIOR arrangements for YOUR outgoing shipment pick-up!

e) Educators MUST have boxes taped shut, pre-printed shipping addresses applied, & prior pickup arrangements made thru       their carrier of choice to pick up.

f) The GCC will store these boxes in a secure room at NO EXTRA CHARGE, but neither the GCC nor The Event Team
     can print return shipping labels or make shipping arrangements for your company!

g) NO Saturday deliveries available - NO USPS deliveries available!


4) Booth set up day:              Saturday, July 11th, 2015! 

a) from 12:00pm & ending promptly at 5:00pm!

b) Sorry, but NO other move-in times can be accommodated due to the cost of the mandatory security guard 
     required for all move-in/move-out times.
Schedule your flights in enough time factoring in any airport delays!

Nail Talk Radio is hosting the 4th "Bomb.COM" pre-Event Meet & Greet party beginning at 7:00pm at the Four 
     Season's hotel Ballroom & we'd love for you to join us with a guest for food, adult beverages, music, door prizes & fun! 

    You should register at this link  -



5) Load in/load out procedure:

a) Location: Gatlinburg Convention Center, 234 Historic Nature Trail, Gatlinburg, TN. 37738
   *NOT the Parkway entrance on the main street!
   *turn LEFT from Parkway at traffic light #8, go up hill & GCC entrance is on the RIGHT side in turn-around circle.


b) Use the 4 approved parking spaces fronting the Mills Center's semi-circle Trolley drive. As you finish unloading,
     immediately move your vehicle to allow access for 
another educator. Paid parking lots are nearby if you need them. 

Do NOT park in the Trolley stop area along the curb in the semi-circle drive or you will be towed! 


c) Enter thru the double doors of the Mills Center - NOT the Parkway entrance!


d) 10 four wheel dollies will be waiting for you in the lobby area. Please return them there when you're finished.

e) The Event is in the Mills Auditorium room.
A security guard will be in place to help make sure the move in/move out process goes smoothly.


6)  BOOTHS:   each 8' x 10' booth consists of:
(1) table- 8'x24" white covered, teal skirted 
(4) folding chairs
(1) wastebasket
(1) 8' teal back drape
(2) 3' teal side drapes
Double Booths = 2x everything listed above

Educator passes - Single booth = up to 4 educators
                              Double booth = up to 6 educators

*Extra educator passes during vendor move-in will be $70 cash only.

Extra furniture can be charged to YOUR credit card during booth set up or feel free to bring your own furniture.
*chairs are free of charge.

You can order extra tables via a Paypal button at this link -
or pay during vendor move-in process.



a) "S" hooks, wire, or fishing string to fasten your signs to the pipe/drape.

b) Any tape you might need (cannot fasten anything to the walls of GCC).

c) Free standing signs - must be located INSIDE your booth space. 

d) Extension cords (label them with your name so they aren't lost during move out process).

e) Lights, nail lamps, e-files, table towels, hand sanitizer, etc.

f) Sign up sheets & pens/pencils to sell your Monday Workshop Classes - display a sign for this, too!    
g) Any extra table drapes or furniture of your own - limited to confines of your booth space.

h) FREE product samples to pass out to the attendees AT YOUR DISCRETION!

i) Fishbowl & entry slips to hold your own company drawing -  Expand your data base of contacts!


j) Standing display frame for your price list - so techs won't have to interrupt your demo to ask about prices. Or label all  
    products with pricing.
Don't lose sales by failing to do this!

k) Square or other mobile device to make wireless sales transactions. Wifi included in booth cost for 2015.

l) BRING an assistant to help make sales & cover your booth during restroom/lunch breaks - can be another nail tech or a
   family member, but no small children under 13 yrs. old! 

m) Small bills to make change- bring lots of $1's, $5's, $10's, & $20's!

n) Money bag or other such for your cash.

0) Retail bags & receipt booklet for tech's purchases.

p) Your company business cards, brochures & catalogues.

*Nail Glitter - the GCC is allowing us to use glitter, rhinestones, etc. with the provision of the carpet protectant tape PLUS                                     take great care to avoid spills! 

                                                  Sorry, but carpet protectant tape cannot be removed!


8) Do NOT bring with you:

a) Food, candy or drinks

b) Candles or open flames

c) Balloons of any kind

d) Party confetti for the tables

e) Helium tanks

f) Heat tape, double face tape, spray adhesives 

g) Staples, thumb tacks, construction nails

   *Soda machines & water fountains are near the Classrooms. Plan for your snacks accordingly. 

    *Food vendors will be NOT be set up in the GCC due NOT meeting their sales quota for the past 2 years.


9) The Event day:          Sunday, July 12th, 2015:

a) The Event Team will be on site at 8:00am (EST).

b) YOU should arrive between 8:00 - 8:30am in order to avoid the lines of attendees at the door. 

c) Registration will begin at 8:30am in order to move the registration process along smoothly.

d) Attendees will enter the Event floor at 9:00am promptly.

e) The Event is from 9:00am - 5:00pm, so plan to stay till closing!
f) During registration all attendees will be provided with an empty goodie bag & an Event brochure.

g) For 2015- NO MORE MAPS for you to check off when handing out free goodies!

h) It's at your discretion to hand out free samples to all or only to those who get demo's or ask product questions.

i) During The Event we will be photographing each booth in progress. These photos are for future publication & will used for         Event promotions. 




10) The Event ends promptly at 5:00pm:                    Move out process ends sharply at 7:00pm! 

a) Plan your exit to make sure you can be finished within these hours!

b) 10 four wheel dollies will be in an interior corridor for your use. Please return them to the lobby when finished.

c) To avoid tripping accidents & liabilities, keep your supplies within the confines of your booth space until ALL attendees are
    off The Event floor!

d) Unloading of supplies will take place thru the 2 emergency exit doors on the LEFT side of the show floor,
    which leads to an interior corridorThis will take you through an access hallway & will bypass the Mills foyer where the
    drawings & award ceremonies will be in progress.

e) Educators shipping outbound supplies must have all boxes taped, addressed, & prior pick up arrangements made
    with their carrier of choice.
Coordinate with Missy Harper for their safe storage overnight at the GCC until YOUR pre-
    scheduled pick up arrives.

f) Anyone still in the process of moving out past 7pm MUST pay for the security guard to stay later than contracted.
     Each security guard costs $19 per hour.

     *Stragglers WILL pay us in CASH on the spot (with exact change) because the GCC bills us for the guard! 


11) Sales Tax Reports-                 to be paid on the "Honor System"!

a) All applicable sales tax reports must be filed, & taxes paid, designating that sales were made in the Gatlinburg Convention
    Center (9.75% tax).

b) See page titled "Tax Form" for more info.

c) The City of Gatlinburg created this rule, not The Event Team. WE KNOW NOTHING MORE ABOUT IT!
    Direct all questions to City Hall's Finance Department at (865) 436-1405. 

d) Once back home & your totals have been tabulated, that's when you mail it in.


12) Monday Workshop Classes:            July 13th, 2015                 *Electricity & Furniture are included.

*If you promote your class as "hands-on", make certain the attendees get at the very minimum 30 solid minutes of actual    
   time spent using your products, otherwise we'll be fielding 
complaints again this year.

a) Doors will be open at 8:00am for Educators to access their classrooms.                                        

b) All classrooms will be set up 'classroom style', with 1 head draped table. Any changes need to be made thru
Harper in advance! Each classroom gets 1 free set up. Charges will be applied to your credit card for any changes
     needed after that (per the GCC rules).

        Missy Harper           PH: (865) 436-0523          FAX: 865-436-3704

c) Make YOUR class signs 'landscape style' to slip into the hall sign holder located outside your classroom door.


d) If you need plastic table coverings for your classroom tables, either bring them with you OR buy them at the local
    Dollar General Store on the East Parkway (Rte. 321), next to the Crystelle Creek Restaurant.

e) ALL classes MUST break for lunch between 12:00pm - 1:00pm.

f) All classes MUST end, be packed up & ready to vacate the building BEFORE 5:00pm EST when the
     GCC closes.
Begin packing in advance with that end time in mind! 

g) NO outside food allowed into the GCC & NO food vendors will be on site! Some restaurants are within easy walking distance      to get you back within 1 hour.



 13) To reach us if it's urgent while in Gatlinburg:

a) TEXT (fastest way) or CALL the cell/salon number (you should already have it).

b) Leave a detailed message ALONG with your phone number. I'll call you back ASAP!

c) The mountains can make cell reception spotty - TEXTING is the best way.

d) Questions pertaining to info that is already posted on this web site will most likely go unanswered due  
     to lack of time on our part.  Sorry!

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