Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Company Sponsors

 Door Prizes & product donations for the 2015 Event:

        THANK YOU to all the companies who generously donated products & we are sincerely grateful for everything you contributed to The Event!  We look forward to a long & meaningful relationship with each & every participating company. By partnering together within the nail world, your success means our success! 




NAIL TECHS..........please remember to THANK some of these nail companies & tell them you found their products

                                       at the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies in Gatlinburg, TN!


 AND NOW...... the moment we've all been waiting for.......



 The 2015 GRAND PRIZE winner - LePorsche Cannon from Bonaire, GA!

                              $1500 worth of nail products from American International Industries & AML Distribution!                     
               (888) 556 - 8466  


Is YOUR company looking for affordable Sponsorship & Marketing options?

Sponsorship ad in Event Booklet

For professional nail companies selling wholesale to licensed beauty professionals only! 
No OTC's or MLM's (such as Jamberry, AVON, Mary Kay, etc.).

1 ad/coupon per company in show booklet. 
Approximate number of booklets: 550-600
Event date: Sunday, July 10th, 2016

Size: slightly less than a business card 
Color: black & white only
Front: your special offer 
Back: designated space for vendors to collect attendees contact info.

Non-vendors are welcome to purchase an ad for attendees to redeem online using your specific PROMO CODE, which will bring more nail techs to your web site!

Possible objectives: 

1) drive more traffic to your booth during The Event!
2) collect attendee contact info on back of coupon to grow your database!
3) offer free product samples only with coupon filled out entirely & redeemed at your booth!
4) offer special sales on certain products you want to move fast!
5) create a specific Promo Code for attendees future online purchases so you can track your ROI!
6) enter coupons into your own door prize drawing!
*drawings may be held at your booth during The Event or at a later date with the winner notified via their contact info provided.

*Following the guidelines of the Gatlinburg Convention Center, there are NO REFUNDS once ad space is paid for.

CONTACT US AT: info@nailtechevent 

Facebook Ad
$25.00 1 post (ad)

Nail techs may check their email once per day. Most check their junk mailbox less frequently. Guess where a large portion of your e-blasts with time-sensitive ads end up?

However, the majority of nail techs check Facebook multiple times per day or even per hour! Currently Facebook is where nail techs network, educate & socialize with each other. 

But are you struggling to find time to promote your products & build a bigger Facebook audience for your business? Or do you just want to get a leg up on your competition?

The 2015 Event saw 37 participating nail companies, not including those companies who donated products. Each company was featured on The Event's Facebook page 1x per day in a rotating method. That means with only 30-31 days in a month, each company averaged around 1 post per month!

If you'd like to be featured on The Event Facebook page more frequently or be noticed by more techs than your business page is currently reaching....... for only $25 we can post your (1) ad content along with (1) photo (JPEG) or (1) YouTube video onto the Nail Tech Event of the Smokies Facebook business page, with over 6,000+ current followers! 

*Available only to professional nail companies & nail educators. Absolutely NO hair products, makeup, skin care, corsets, tacky jewelry or non-professional OTC or MLM products (such as Jamberry, AVON, Mary Kay) etc. 

We reserve the right to reject ads which are not in alignment with our professional business model. Thank you for understanding & we look forward to doing business with you!

CONTACT US AT: info@nailtechevent 



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