Nail Tech Event of the Smokies

Code of Business Ethics

The Nail Tech Event of the Smokies:  we operate with integrity, accountability, excellence & respect in everything we do. Our values provide the foundation for our commitment to the highest level of ethical conduct, a commitment we take very seriously.

Integrity- We demonstrate integrity by operating honestly & fairly. We apply our values & principles to our daily business activities & make sure our actions reflect the highest level of ethical conduct. 

Accountability- Accountability signals our ability to make & keep commitments. Our reputation depends on our ability to reliably & consistently deliver on our promises in order to earn & keep the trust of our customers.

Excellence- our company insists on excellence. Our customers, fellow nail techs, & the community expect & deserve superior performance in our services. Maintaining a level of excellence as leaders in nail tech education depends on an individual commitment from each of us to act with integrity, accountability, & respect any time we conduct business.

Respect- Acting with respect is fundamental to our strength as a company. We treat our customers & each other with dignity, fairness, honesty, & courtesy. We support an inclusive culture where diversity is valued. We cooperate across organizational boundaries, focusing on adding value & earning the trust of our colleagues. Discrimination agains race, religion, age, weight, physical impairment, or sexual orientation is discouraged. 

Following The Code of Ethics & Business Conduct-  following The Code is mandatory when participating in The Event, as it's essential to our company's success & reputation.  Those individuals who fail to follow The Code will be subjected to termination of their option to participate in current & future Events. Acts of lying, cheating, & stealing will not be tolerated.

Scenario: A nail tech, educator or company owner verbally bullies our staff or another individual. Should we address the situation?

Guidance: Yes. Bullying can be broadly defined as offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behavior that occurs repeatedly (e.g., more than a one- time incident). Each of us are responsible to create & maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect. If someone is subjected to or witnesses a violation of respect at The Event, they should immediately report such violations to any of the Event Team.

Scenario: An educator or nail tech is complaining about or bad mouthing another person or company. This is making me feel uncomfortable. What should I do?

Guidance: End the conversation immediately using whatever excuse necessary & walk away. This is an example of low self esteem combined with unprofessional behavior. If this person will trash talk others, this person will trash talk you. 

*Complaints within companies should be handed up, as in addressed by upper management which has the ability to rectify the situation. If complaints are handed down (or laterally), as in addressed to subordinates (or coworkers), then it's considered gossip. Gossip is destructive for morale. 

Scenario: I witness someone stealing something. Should I say anything?

Guidance: Yes. Stealing is defined by 'taking something that doesn't belong to you without explicit consent of the property owner'. Stealing is an ethical violation & an example of a deeper character flaw. Thieves do not respect others property rights & somehow feel they are entitled. Theft costs money & could result in substantial loss of business for both the individual, the company & The Event as a whole. Discreetly contact one of The Event Team or a Security Guard to report any witnessed theft. 

Scenario: I witness or have 1st hand knowledge of someone cheating during a nail competition. What should I do?

Guidance: Discreetly & immediately report the incident to the Competition Judge in charge of the Competitions. It will be investigated & handled promptly by said Judge. If found to be true during The Event, the offender will be barred from future competitions & will forego any winnings without a refund of their entry fee. If found to be true after The Event has concluded, the offender will be barred from any involvement whatsoever in all future Events & will be notified in writing of such.

Workplace violence:  As part of our commitment to safety, The Event must be free from physical violence. Workplace violence takes many forms, such as:

` Threats of violence toward any person or company facility

 ` Stalking

` Suicide threats

` Domestic violence affecting the workplace

` Weapons or threats related to weapons

` Sabotage of property

` Any behavior that raises concerns about violence or risk to others

The Event & the Gatlinburg Convention Center take threats very seriously. If you witness or become aware of any possible violent threats, contact any of The Event Team or a Security Officer immediately.

Our Non-retaliatory Culture:

Everyone who comes forward with concerns plays an important role in maintaining a healthy, respectful, & productive Event, which ultimately protects our customers, colleagues, & the community at large. Raising concerns helps us address problems early—before potentially more serious consequences develop. 

Retaliation in any form against an individual who in good faith reports a violation of The Code or of the law, even if the report is mistaken, is a serious violation of this Code. Each of us has an obligation to create an environment free of retaliation. It is, therefore, The Event's policy to strictly prohibit any form of retaliation against anyone who raises a concern.

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